18 September, 2020


How can your 3PL improve your odds for repeat business from your customers? By leaving your customers satisfied.

Last week we looked at recency bias (Part 1) and its impact on customer satisfaction. We now turn to “availability bias.”

When your customers are left unsatisfied because your 3PL doesn’t fulfill an order correctly, this experience often sticks out in your customers’ minds more so than even countless experiences where everything went perfectly. Due to availability bias, people don’t generally look at the entire data set when considering their decisions (e.g., whether to purchase from you again)—they instead think about what most easily comes to mind (i.e., what is most available) and use that as a shortcut when making their decisions. Poor experiences tend to be memorable. Unfortunately, this means that even one bad experience can cause customers to go elsewhere the next time they are purchasing a product. Your customers’ most memorable experience will determine future purchasing decisions.

This is why WSI strives to offer the best experience to your end customer to ensure your customer has excellent experience – leading to repeat business for you.

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