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Managing your own logistics requires you to perform a delicate balancing act between cost, time, and efficiency. This process is complex and challenging and not every business has the resources, time, or expertise to navigate these intricacies without some outsourced help.

That’s where Warehouse Specialists (WSI) steps in. As a dedicated 3PL freight broker, we take the complexity out of your logistics to guarantee timely and efficient transportation of your inventory.

What distinguishes WSI from other 3PL providers is our commitment to personalized service. We see our clients as individuals, not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Our FTL+ LTL transport solutions are customized to maximize shipping efficiencies and make logistics pain points much less painful. And when you work with us, you will have a dedicated customer success specialist to ensure you receive the highest level of professionalism and care.

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Why Hire a 3PL Freight Broker for LTL/FTL Fulfillment?

Managing different shipping carriers, warehousers, and fulfillment services can be an overwhelming job even for an experienced logistics team.  The good news is, when you work with WSI, you get not only LTL and FTL freight, but also a comprehensive suite of warehousing and distribution services. Our clients really appreciate being able to leverage our 3PL end-to-end logistics management system – that features LTL and FTL freight brokerage, transportation, small parcel fulfillment, cross-docking, transloading, and multiple warehouse locations – to ensure their cargo arrives at its destination(s) safely.

Of course, every business has unique freight transportation requirements and therefore will benefit from a customized solution. That’s why we tailor your Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) logistics solutions to perfectly fit your transportation needs. So, whether you’re shipping a handful of pallets or a full truckload, rest assured that our services will be aligned with your specific requirements.

Choosing Between FTL and LTL Transport

Selecting the right shipping method is imperative to successfully optimizing delivery time and costs. But with multiple factors to consider, like size, weight, timing requirements, budget, and nature of the shipment, it’s not always easy to determine which option makes the most sense.

If you’re transporting more than six pallets simultaneously, FTL is likely your best choice. You may also want to select FTL shipping when your shipment is time-sensitive or when you are transporting sensitive, high-risk cargo that might not do well with the extra handling it could receive during LTL shipping.

Otherwise, for a small business looking to minimize its shipping spend, LTL might be a more suitable choice. Don’t sweat it, though. Our 3PL freight brokerage services include helping you navigate the PTL vs. LTL transport selection process. We can analyze your shipments and destination and select optimal routes and shipping methods. We’re 3PL leaders who understand all the ins and outs of both FTL and LTL shipping.

What is the Difference Between LTL and FTL Shipping?

Full Truckload (FTL) shipping is a logistics solution where an entire truck is loaded with only one shipper’s cargo. It’s usually the go-to option for large shipments that weigh around 20,000 pounds or more.

The key advantage of FTL logistics is its direct, point-to-point model. FTL truck load carriers travel from the pickup point straight to the delivery destination, without any stops in between. Your FTL shipment will remain on the same truck throughout its journey, minimizing delivery time and risk of damage.

On the flip side, Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping is designed for smaller shipments that don’t need an entire truck. Such consignments typically weigh between 100 and 5,000 pounds

With LTL shipping, freight from various shippers is consolidated onto the same trailer, with each one paying only for the space they occupy. This is more cost-efficient than FTL, but delivery may take longer due to multiple stops and transfers. Goods in your shipment may be removed from the trailer to allow for removal of other shipper’s goods, or they may be transferred to another truck at the carrier’s hub location.

Benefits of FTL LTL Transport from a 3PL Provider

While numerous logistics and transportation companies claim to provide FTL and LTL shipping services, none of them can match up to the value that you stand to get from a dynamic 3PL freight broker like WSI. Rather than managing several partnerships, you can count on one strong relationship with an award-winning 3PL.

Specialized Expertise and Resources

As experts in managing transportation and fulfillment operations, 3PL providers already possess the extensive experience, knowledge, and resources required to effectively handle the intricacies of FTL and LTL shipments. They are masters in route planning, load optimization, and freight consolidation, all of which will go a long way toward reducing your transport costs and improving delivery times.

Cost Savings

Speaking of FTL and LTL transport costs, 3PL providers are actually in a class of their own in terms of savings. The extensive network that we enjoy with carriers gives you access to negotiated rates and volume discounts. Plus, you can capitalize on our load optimization and freight consolidation to minimize empty space in trucks, maximize each shipment’s allocation, and share the transportation costs with other shippers.

Advanced Logistics Management Tools

3PLs often run their logistics operations on cutting-edge technology platforms. You’ll have access to advanced tracking technologies, transportation rate shopping software, route optimization software, and warehouse management systems, among other tools. We can automate your inventory management, order consolidation, real-time shipment tracking, and performance analytics. This will, in turn, shorten order processing cycles, expedite transit times, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Service

3PL providers include a suite of value-added services that further optimize supply chain operations. The services in this category extend beyond traditional transportation and warehousing activities. Examples include kitting, labeling, product packaging, returns management/reverse logistics.

Why Choose Our LTL and FTL Logistics Solutions

Personalized Customer Service

At WSI, we value personal relationships and view our clients as partners rather than just customers. Our dedicated transportation team is always on hand, ready to address any queries or concerns you may have.

End-to-End 3PL Services

WSI is more than just a freight broker. We offer a comprehensive suite of 3PL services —  including warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, and transportation. Hence, you can simplify your supply chain by coordinating all you logistic operations needs through a single partner.

Expedited Shipping

Our fulfillment pipeline is so streamlined that we can complete your order deliveries in one to two days. WSI’s team of LTL FTL transport experts is also on standby to identify the most strategic fulfillment centers based on your order history. We’ll establish where you should ship your goods from to optimize operational spending, minimize transportation costs, and accelerate delivery speeds.

Expertise in Retail Logistics

WSI has extensive experience working with big-box retailers. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of this sector and have developed specialized solutions to meet them. Our services include order fulfillment, returns management, product labeling, and packaging — all of which will sustain a seamless inventory pipeline.

FAQs – FTL LTL Transport and Shipping Solutions

What is FTL?

FTL, or Full Truckload, is a type of freight shipping where a single shipment occupies an entire truck. It’s the go-to option when the volume of goods is large enough to fill a truck.

What is LTL?

LTL, or Less Than Truckload, is another type of freight shipping where multiple shippers’ freight is combined into one truck. Each shipper pays for the portion of the trailer their freight occupies, making it a cost-effective solution for small to midsize shipments.

What is the difference between Freight Brokerage and FTL LTL Fulfillment?

A freight broker bridges the gap between shippers and carriers. Their job is to negotiate rates and coordinate transportation on behalf of shippers.

FTL LTL fulfillment, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive service provided by 3PL companies like WSI. It manages the entire logistics cycle – from storing and packing goods to coordinating FTL LTL transportation and delivering goods to their final destination.

What is the difference between 3PL and LTL FTL Shipping?

3PL stands for Third-Party Logistics. It’s an umbrella term for warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation management services. You could, otherwise, think of it as an all-inclusive logistics concierge that caters to your supply chain needs.

LTL and FTL shipping, on the other hand, refer to specific types of freight transportation that you could get from a 3PL provider. LTL (Less Than Truckload) is ideal for small shipments, while FTL (Full Truckload) is reserved for larger payloads that can fill an entire truck.

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