Transportation Brokerage Services

As an award-winning 3PL provider, WSI brokers and manages inbound and outbound freight for warehouse clients. We further serve and provide value to companies wanting to outsource transportation. Take advantage of our positive relationships with carriers and score competitive rates and expedite shipments nationwide. Whether you need ongoing freight management or simply need a quote on a one time shipment, WSI offers dedicated support.

Outsource Transportation to WSI

Every industry that manufactures or sells physical goods & materials depends on ground transportation to get products to market. For decades, WSI has invested in our transportation services and offers access to a leading transportation management system. Take advantage of our TMS and specialized team of logistics experts to solve your supply chain challenges. We are dedicated to getting freight shipped quickly, at a lower rate with a reliable network of trucking carriers.

WSI helps brands with complex and unique shipping needs across North America. As a 3PL freight broker, we work with 75,000 carriers and hundreds of thousands of trucks. Work with WSI and keep up with the extreme demand, avoid supply chain challenges and scale nationwide. No matter your industry or shipping needs, we look forward to learning more about your shipping/freight/transport requirements.

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Freight Management Solutions

WSI’s logistics network moves large volumes of FTL / LTL / LCL shipments, intermodal shipments and millions of small parcels annually. We help customers optimize shipments via the most efficient mode of transport. Managing every step of the process – from dispatch to tracking and billing.

LTL (Less than Truckload)

Ideal for palletized commodities, our LTL services extend across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Leveraging our strong relationship with Estes, we ensure competitive pricing and industry-best white glove service, complemented by a skilled team to handle order tracking and comprehensive claim management for any orders that are lost or damaged.

Truckload (FTL)

Our reliable carrier network across every major region in the country enables us to offer Dry Van, Flat Bed, and Reefer services. We continuously expand our carrier base to serve you better, covering WSI warehouses and customer-specific locations that may lie outside the WSI network.


With established carriers at all major ocean/rail ports, we manage container import/export seamlessly, ensuring timely and reliable service to/from any location within the United States. Leverage WSI’s nationwide warehousing network, or provide us with your custom location: either way, WSI has you covered.

Refrigerated Freight

Ensure your temperature-sensitive shipments, from food products to pharmaceuticals, are transported under optimal conditions, maintaining quality and compliance.


When it comes to outsourced transportation, WSI’s network of partnerships enables best-in-class intermodal shipping solutions. Offering a seamless blend of rail and truck transport, our intermodal services ensure cost-efficient and environmentally friendly options for your long-haul needs.

Small Parcel Fulfillment

As a 3PL, most of the freight WSI handles daily are small parcel shipments. Most small parcels are initiated via online order fulfillment and ship direct to the consumer. WSI has deep relationships with parcel reps and fulfillment centers nationwide for affordable pricing and fast shipping. Talk to our team today and offer 2 day shipping to online shoppers.

Specialized Services

  • Heavy Haul

  • Flatbed

  • Temp Controlled

  • Expedited services

  • Hazardous materials

  • High-value commodities

  • Food and Beverage deliveries

Value Added Services

  • Dropped Trailer Service

  • Load-Building Services

  • Manage Day-to-Day Dispatch

  • Same Day & Next Day Service

  • Asset-based Fleet in Select Markets

  • Freight Bill Auditing & Payment Service

  • Claims Management

Transportation Technology

  • Dedicated Support

  • User-friendly customer portal

  • Award-winning Transportation Management System

  • Easy and transparent billing

  • Asset-based Fleet in Select Markets

  • Load tracking capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WSI a Certified Freight Broker and/or Transportation Broker?

Yes, WSI is fully registered broker with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and our broker USDOT # is 2235489. We offer advanced freight and transportation brokerage services nationwide. With a robust multimodal approach, WSI ensures that we’re able to provide the most efficient, reliable transportation solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Does WSI handle freight transportation for specialized industries?

Absolutely. WSI is adept at managing freight transportation across a myriad of specialized industries, providing expert services tailored to the unique requirements and challenges of each sector. From the compliance required for chemical/hazmat shipping to the operational efficiency necessary to manage multiple carriers for small parcel shipping, WSI can meet your transportation needs no matter the industry.

What is an intermodal rail company?

An intermodal rail company facilitates the movement of cargo using multiple transportation modes — such as rail, ship, and truck — without handling the freight itself during transfers, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

What is Over the Road Transportation?

Over the Road (OTR) Transportation refers to the movement of goods across long distances using freight vehicles, primarily trucks, to navigate highways, offering flexibility and accessibility for cross-country transport.

What transportation and logistics services can be outsourced?

A wide spectrum of transportation and logistics services can be outsourced, encompassing freight brokerage, third-party logistics, intermodal transport, customs brokerage, and tailored solutions for diverse industry needs.

Why outsource transportation management?

Outsourcing transportation management allows businesses to leverage expertise, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. The right transportation brokerage partner provides access to a wider network of carriers, advanced technology for tracking and management, and the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Hand Tailored Freight Solutions by WSI

Ready to streamline your transportation and logistics, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness across North America? Connect with WSI today to explore our tailored Transportation Brokerage Services. Whether you require LTL, Truckload, Intermodal, or any specialized shipping solutions, our extensive network and expertise are at your service. Contact WSI now for a partnership that moves you forward.

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