Hire a 3PL for Small Parcel Fulfillment

We’ve all heard the saying, “Time is money.” When it comes to small parcel shipping, we should also add, “and complexity is a headache.”

And that’s because it’s not just about moving parcels from point A to point B. It also means negotiating rates with multiple carriers, tracking shipments, processing returns, coordinating packaging, and handling all the intricate logistics. If you are not a logistics expert, small parcel fulfillment is more than enough to make your head spin. You want to see your business grow, and you know you can’t do that without also growing your operational capacity.

WSI helps businesses scale their supply chain to facilitate growth in both sales and their customers’ high expectations. Managing multiple vendor relationships across the manufacturing and distribution process can prove to be very valuable. It can also add yet another layer of management complexity. But, what if there was a way to simplify it all?

WSI offers integrated logistics services to streamline distribution, improve operational performance, and simplify every part of the entire small parcel fulfillment process.

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What is Small Parcel Shipping?

Small parcel shipping is the complete process of sending individual packages that are relatively small in size and weight. While the precise definitions vary slightly among different carriers, the general rule of thumb is that any package weighing less than 70 pounds and measuring less than 108 inches in combined length and girth would qualify as a small parcel.

As a service, small parcel fulfillment happens to be more cost-effective and convenient than other shipping options. Instead of grappling with all the complexities, you get to leverage a logistics expert who understands the ins and outs of small parcel shipping.

WSI is a 3PL provider, providing end-to-end fulfillment and value added services. Not only can we warehouse products, but we provide pick, pack and ship solutions to customers according to your brand’s high standards.

Multi-Carrier Parcel Management

At WSI, we’ve built strong relationships with all the leading shipping carriers — including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Our engagement with multiple carriers, provides clients with best possible rates and service.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

Increased Customer Satisfaction:
WSI has the expertise and resources to handle storage, fulfillment, and parcel logistics from anywhere in the US. And because we work with multiple carriers, we’ll negotiate the best rates to give you the most bang for your buck.

WSI’s Warehouse Network

Shipping Zones

View Small Parcel Shipping Zones from each of our public warehouse locations. Create a fulfillment network powered by Warehouse Specialists and reach retailers to customers nationwide.

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WSI Shipping Zones

Five public warehouses in Dallas, TX

Why Combine Fulfillment with Parcel Shipping?

Parcel shipping is an order delivery service that gets individual packages to their designated destinations.

Fulfillment solutions, on the other hand, cover the entire order processing funnel – from storing, picking, and packing products to shipping to customers.

Parcel shipping, on the other hand, is only an order delivery service that gets individual packages to their designated destinations.

When small parcel shipping and fulfillment are merged, they form an end to-end logistics pathway for your small parcels. WSI’s small parcel fulfillment solution is a holistic logistics management system designed to save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Our small parcel fulfillment support businesses in the following ways.

Faster Order Processing

The integration of fulfillment and parcel shipping creates a seamless transition from order receipt to packaging and dispatch. This means orders are processed much faster, and exceptions can be caught sooner, thereby improving customer satisfaction rates.

Cost Savings

With an integrated small parcel fulfillment solution, you no longer need to rely on separate systems, software, and personnel for each process. Partnering with a 3rd party like WSI to manage fulfillment allows you to leverage stronger rates with carriers due to high volume. Plus, by optimizing packaging and shipping procedures, you will use fewer packaging materials, and save on transportation costs and overall shipping expenses.

Data Synchronization

Small parcel fulfillment facilitates the flow of data between all the fulfillment stages. You’ll have access to well-synced info on your order processing, inventory levels, and shipping status. This makes a significant impact on your decision-making and operational efficiency.

All-rounded Expertise

With over 55 years of experience in the logistics industry, WSI has the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of fulfillment and parcel shipping. So, you can rest easy knowing your logistics operations are in capable hands.


As your business expands, our unified system can accommodate increased order volumes and shipping demand without major disruptions to your operations.

Why Choose Warehouse Specialists?

Locations Across Major US Metro Areas

WSI proudly manages more than 13 million square feet of operational space nationwide, under public, contract, and dedicated programs. Our strategically located fulfillment centers provide flexible and scalable warehousing services for a diverse assortment of products. Whether your shipments are headed for the Tri-State/Greater New York area, Los Angeles, DFW, or Chicago, we’re well-positioned to serve your needs.

Fully Customized Small Parcel Fulfillment

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we take the time to learn about your products, customers, shipping volumes, and logistical challenges. Then with these insights, we develop a small parcel shipping solution that is perfectly aligned with your business needs.

Leaders in Ecommerce Fulfillment

WSI is not your regular fulfillment service provider. We are at the top of the 3PL food chain, serving ecommerce stores with specialized end-to-end fulfillment solutions. You get a one-stop shop for warehousing, order processing, returns management, custom packaging, inventory management, and small parcel shipping.

Embrace the WSI Advantage Today

With WSI, you’re not just choosing a 3PL provider. You’re getting a full-service partner that will streamline your small parcel fulfillment, minimize operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, and fuel business growth.

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