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We offer specialized 3PL fulfillment services for B2B and B2C. Most orders we receive can be picked, packed and shipped the same day. Because when it comes to fulfillment, Reliability is EverythingTM.



…and many more!
We understand that inventory visibility, easy order management, and seamless integrations are essential to success in the fast paced world of eCommerce fulfillment. WSI’s in-house technology team is here to ensure your fulfillment opertion runs smoothly, from communication to automation, and everything in between. Thanks to our experienced team and our world-class warehouse management system, we can use real-time data to optimize operations, saving you time and money.

Built To Keep Up With Modern Demand

Over the last several decades,  WSI has seen the supply chain industry go through major changes and expectations for B2C and B2B businesses have never been higher.  Our ability to adapt to the ever-evolving market demands, along with our focus on continuous improvement, has allowed us to maintain long-lasting relationships with many of our customers. Our  Efficient and effective fulfillment logistics require expertise and strong capabilities. As recognized leaders in 3PL fulfillment, we have more than enough of both to handle your needs. We can be your one-source provider for all components of your supply chain, including pick-and-pack fulfillment. Our warehouse fulfillment centers are equipped for virtually any type of products, and our experience includes everything from labeling to returns management.

If You’re Ready To Outsource Your Logistical Operations, The Next Step Is Hiring A 3pl Provider.

There’s a lot that goes into building a successful eCommerce company: You need to have a great product, a strong marketing campaign, and you should know how to get your products to customers as quickly as possible.

But as your company continues to grow, you’ll have a harder time keeping your fulfillment in-house. At some point, you’ll need to expand your logistical operations––either to keep up with increasing demand, because you want to expand your customer base, or both.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by outsourcing your supply chain to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. This will help save time and money while allowing you to free up internal resources that can be used for other important operations (like sales, marketing, and product development).

“[WSI is] an especially good fit for clients who are moving from self-fulfillment and can be partners through the transition to outsourced fulfillment. WSI has locations around the country to optimize for proximity to customers and grow your footprint to multiple locations if needed. Their tech team is in-house and they had a fast and responsive sales process which made them easy to work with.” 

Jennifer Polce, Director at Izba Consulting

3PL Fulfillment Services Include

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Fulfillment & Tracking
  • Precise Labeling & Packaging
  • e-Fulfillment / e-Commerce
  • Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
  • UCC128 Labeling
  • Custom Packaging / Repacking / Assembly
  • Returns Management
  • Contract Services
  • Retailer Experience
  • B2C Small-Parcel Shipments
  • Imported Goods Devanning & Inspection
  • Devanning Services

Why Choose WSI

There’s more to our leadership position in the industry than our fulfillment distribution centers and capabilities. We also combine the global reach of our logistics with small-town values that make us easily accessible whenever you require help. We’re dedicated to leveraging our expansive distribution network and exceptional customer service to serve your needs no matter what they are. For more details about who we are and what we can do for you, get in touch with us today.

Full Service Fulfillment Provider

Whether you’re trying to reduce warehousing costs, improve delivery times, or minimize damage claims, we’re your one-stop resource for comprehensive fulfillment and logistics services. Our fully integrated 3PL services allow you to streamline your processes and serve more customers more quickly, whether you operate a small boutique or a national corporation with widespread reach.

The reliability we offer allows you to serve the needs of your customers with quicker delivery speeds and fewer errors, all while helping you keep your overhead expenses streamlined.


Highly Reliable Supply Chain Management

The square-footage used in warehousing and fulfillment is expensive on its own, and more companies—including national brands—have come to rely on third party supply chain management and warehousing space to handle their distribution and fulfillment processes.

With 50 years of experience in effective supply chain management, WSI is the optimal choice for improving your organization’s efficiency. From order fulfillment services to supply chain logistics and inventory management, we can help you accomplish your organizational goals.


E-commerce Order Fulfillment Services

Customers shop online for convenience, and that means they expect fast, accurate results any time they place an order. Satisfying customer expectations is vital to enduring success in e-commerce, and that requires a highly adaptable fulfillment process. As a nimble 3PL fulfillment provider, WSI can deliver those results for you, regardless of the size of your business. We offer agile e-commerce order fulfillment services that center on reliability and precision.

We serve businesses of all sizes in the e-commerce sector, and we’re highly qualified to construct a fully customized, comprehensive plan to help you best serve your online customers.

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