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About Us

One of the largest privately held logistics companies in the U.S., WSI spans a nationwide distribution network with global logistics reach. Our family of companies includes Warehouse Specialists, LLC, Material Logistics & Services, LLC (MLS), Fulfillment Specialists of America, Inc. (FSA), American Warehouse, LLC, WSI Transportation, LLC & WSI Freight Solutions.

What We Believe

We conduct business with integrity. We approach every day with the goal of Absolute Reliability. We treat our employees fairly and give charitably to the communities we serve. WSI is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and driving numerous green initiatives in our facilities and transportation services.

Our Family of Companies

WSI is dedicated to serving clients’ complete logistics needs, from planning to execution. Our integrated family of companies includes specialized expertise at every point along the supply chain.

Our company Values

We have built a long-standing reputation of providing service that is absolutely reliable. We strive to intentionally develop relationships that are refreshingly open and trustworthy. At the core of this value is the belief that our integrity must never be compromised.

Our Business Conduct Policy contains 5 ethical principles that set the groundwork for all that we do. We expect our business partners to operate according to these same high standards of integrity.

We will not say things that are false. We will strive for transparency and never deliberately mislead any stakeholder. We will openly and freely share information as appropriate to the relationship. We will live up to our ethical principles, even when confronted by personal, professional, or social risks, as well as economic pressures. We will not tolerate bribes, conflicts of interest, or other forms of undue influence in violation of anti-corruption laws or the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Our Environmental Commitment

For many years, WSI has strived to be a responsible steward of our environment, pursuing green initiatives throughout our facilities and transportation services nationwide.

  • Natural landscaping and green space to minimize storm water runoff and surface pollutants
  • Use of electric-powered equipment whenever possible
  • Active recycling programs at all facilities amounting to thousands of tons of materials recycled each year
  • Ongoing program to relight our facilities with the latest in energy-efficient lighting equipment
  • Commitment to Responsible Care®, an industry-wide initiative focused on safe and ethical chemical handling
  • International Operation Clean SweepTM partner, pledged to prevent the loss of resin pellets, flakes and powders into the marine environment
  • EPA SmartWay® Transport Partner, focusing on emission reduction and fuel conservation
  • Efficiently laid out facilities to reduce transit times and reduce equipment energy usage
  • Telecommuting by many employees to reduce pollution caused by auto emissions

By putting our experience to work applying Lean principles, our committed workforce is doing its part to uncover new ways to conserve resources, limit emissions and reduce waste.

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