Retail Logistics

WSI has extensive experience working with big-box retailers to efficiently route product and meet their strict MABD (Must Arrive by Date) requirements.

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We understand that Reliability is Everything™ when it comes to retail logistics solutions. That’s why we offer a wide range of 3PL for retailers including order fulfillment, returns management and labeling, and packaging services. Our ability to meet demanding requirements on-time makes us the leaders in providing logistics in the retail industry.

Keeping up with the seasonal fluctuations in demand can put strain on even the most organized retail operation and its vendors. With our capabilities for managing retail wholesaling and logistics at their side, major players in the sector have a complete resource to help them with their B2B logistical needs.With our expertise at your disposal, you can have a more effective and efficient supply chain, no matter on how large a scale you operate.

Detailed Tracking

WSI has the ability to provide box-level detail to you and your customers through the use of unique package identification standards from the Uniform Code Council (UCC).

Data Connectivity

WSI can work with you to develop Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with your big-box customers.

  • Catalog & Online Order Fulfillment
  • Order Routing / SCCM / SSC18 Tracking
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
  • Retailer Invoicing

Precise Labeling and Packaging

WSI is experienced at meeting the precise label standards and packaging requirements of large retailers. WSI provides complete third-party UCC-128 labeling services as a value-added service for businesses that need to adhere to barcode regulations.

UCC-128 labeling can be scanned at the warehouse as well as at the recipient’s facility. This enables workers to identify the contents of a carton or pallet without the need to open the packaging and count items by hand. This standardized format is used by distributors, manufacturers, and retailers as part of their electronic data interchange (EDI) systems. Information included on these labels contains the origin, destination, and contents of each shipment. Other details these often feature include a PO number and the carrier code.

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Our combination of world-class capabilities and small-town service means we can tailor fully customized solutions for each of our clients. By choosing us as your retail logistics company, you’ll receive a one-source provider that’s large enough to handle any situation. We are also accessible enough to work with you whenever you need us. To learn more about our solutions, reach out to us today.

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