Pick, Pack & Ship to Custom Packaging

When it comes to elements of the fulfillment lifecycle that most affect the bottom line, picking and packing are two of the most crucial. Get them wrong, and watch your bottom line erode while your customer service and product return costs increase. Get them right, and see efficiency skyrocket as your orders are consistently fulfilled on time and on budget.

Warehouse Specialists can fulfill all aspects of pick, pack and ship from food grade to assembly of consumer packaged products. We provide comprehensive packaging at each of our fulfillment centers and food-grade facilities. WSI deploys a precise inventory management system & dedicated teams to provide pick and pack warehouse services. Outsource pre-assembly services to custom packaging to WSI and benefit from barcode accuracy for precise lot tracking & tracing.

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Experts in Product Packaging Solutions

Streamline your supply chain when you outsource these services to WSI. Gain a partner with all the experience, infrastructure, and capabilities of an industry leader in 3PL services. Rest easy knowing that whatever your fulfillment needs are, we have what you need to deliver on every single one.

Our warehouse staff is highly adept at customizing pick-and-pack workflows to reduce inefficiencies, prioritize accuracy, and slash shipping costs. WSI leverages our considerable infrastructure and personnel assets on your behalf by optimizing every element of this process, from choosing the correct package size to dialing in the correct picking strategy.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services

At WSI, we’re proud to offer best-in-class pick and pack fulfillment, packaging fulfillment, custom packaging, and retail-ready packaging services as cornerstones of our full lineup of fulfillment services.

Our capabilities have served clients in the retail, online commerce, electronics, and consumer products sectors, among others. Ensuring items are packaged properly is a core component of WSI’s fulfillment services and include:

  • Warehousing: Our pick and pack fulfillment services begin with inventory management and warehousing services. Our services are flexible and scalable.
  • Packaging: Whether custom or standardized, we make sure your products arrive into consumers’ hands safely and securely.
  • Branded boxing: We offer generic boxing as well as custom branded packaging designed to fit your specifications.
  • Display building: Retail-ready packaging and displays help move product faster by making it simple to get items on your shelves.
  • Copacking: Our copacking service brings together all the elements of your product into its final packaged form.
  • Shipping: WSI provides ground distribution on road and rail with an in-house freight brokerage handling parcels, LTL,FTL.

Pick, Pack & Ship Services from WSI

  • Kit-Making

  • Cartonization

  • Sorting

  • Product Labeling

  • Shipping Label Printing

  • Shrink-Wrap / Bundle Pack

  • Collating

  • Product Testing

  • Custom Pallet Displays

  • POP Assembly

  • Final Packing

  • Repacking

  • D2C Delivery

Retail Ready & Shelf Ready Packaging

Retail-ready packaging (RRP) and shelf-ready packaging (SRP) ensure that every product leaving a warehouse does so ready to hit the shelves. Regardless of your industry, having these capabilities available in your trusted 3PL partner can be crucial to a successful fulfillment strategy.

A fully-optimized RRP or SRP operation guarantees that your products will arrive at their final destination in perfect condition, and packaged in a way that makes them easy to open, easy to shelve, and easy to find. This makes stocking and inventory management easier and offers a valuable competitive edge by maximizing shelf presence from the jump.

When it comes to D2C commerce, WSI is proud to offer a full suite of RRP services, including:

  • Branded boxing
  • Custom packaging
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Branded mailers & inserts

Custom Branded Packaging

Though packaging might be easy to overlook, it plays a crucial role in your customer’s experience and deserves more attention.

Driven by the popularity of ‘unboxing’ content on social media, a product’s packaging has never been more vital to building and maintaining a strong brand. WSI’s packaging solutions include a wide range of options, from generic cardboard boxes to custom branded packaging. At WSI, there’s no extra charge for white labeling services—we use generic brown cardboard by default. As such, we can easily customize packaging to meet your needs.

WSI is happy to provide comprehensive packaging expertise. No matter your industry, we have the capabilities to ensure that your product’s packaging reflects the same professionalism and quality you bring to the rest of your business. We utilize a cost-plus model on our packaging fulfillment services, making it easy for us to create a solution that meets your requirements.

Why Choose WSI?

WSI has a nationwide warehouse network with fulfillment centers that specialize in pick, pack & ship capabilities. Our locations can quickly distribute packaged products to the continental United States. Our expertise in every step of the supply chain and fulfillment lifecycle allows us to leverage a comprehensive approach to picking, packing, and shipping workflows that delivers exceptional value to our customers.

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