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The logistics required to support the electronics industry are diverse and extensive. Beyond warehousing highly complicated and valuable inventory, specialized services such as kitting and program management help to ensure accuracy from the manufacturer and point of origin, through the fulfillment of electronics retail stores or distribution centers. WSI is a proven partner in this space.

In addition to our comprehensive electronics warehousing and distribution experience, we also have the ability to tailor our solutions to meet the booming demand for these products. With our expertise at your side, consumer electronics fulfillment can operate at the speed of the market. We pride ourselves on being one of the most nimble and adaptable consumer electronics 3PL providers serving this highly dynamic and demanding sector.

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Sensitive electronics require special handling. WSI is vigilant about protecting customers’ investments – taking extra care with diverse components and fragile wiring. Sophisticated inventory control and tracking methods reduce shrinkage losses to virtually zero. Our full-service capabilities include value-added services like assembly, kitting and testing functions.

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The electronics sector has grown significantly over the years, and its logistical demands have become more sophisticated as its products have. The need for additional materials and components sourced from various locations on shorter timelines means manufacturers and distributors have their hands full. For this reason, the need for 3PL in the electronics industry is more important than ever. Whether shipping parts, personal tech such as mobile devices, or audio equipment, WSI has the commercial electronics 3PL experience to ensure our clients can meet their needs.

We handle these electronics and more:

  • Commercial electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electronic components

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