Paper Product Warehousing to Transportation

Warehouse Specialists has a long company history of serving the paper industry. Founded in 1966 outside of Green Bay Wisconsin, WSI is proud to be headquartered in the number one paper producing state in the nation. As an active member of the Wisconsin Paper Council, we aim to be a 3PL partner of record with suppliers in the paper industry. Our services can be fully customized for large or small operations.

WSI serves wood pulp and paper processors to paper product manufacturers. Over the years, our company has managed warehouses for top brands of paper towels, toilet paper, and sanitary products as well as copy paper, newsprint and specialty paper products. More than a warehousing company, WSI provides fulfillment, supply chain management and transportation of bulk paper products and other materials such as timber, lumber, corrugate and pulp.

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About the Paper Supply Industry

Challenges remain in the supply chain for the paper industry post-pandemic. A shortage continues on everything related to paper stock to raw materials to process paper products. High demand for cardboard, packaging, household paper goods and printed media require a fulfillment partner skilled in the paper supply chain. As a result, storage space requirements can fluctuate in the paper industry – sometimes varying as much as 50K square feet from one month to the next. WSI offers much-needed flexibility thanks to our large network of warehouses, specializing in bulk storage.

With over 50 years of experience handling every type of paper product, WSI is a leader in paper logistics. We partner with some of the country’s largest paper producers to support the complete supply chain.

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Types of Paper Products Managed by WSI

  • Corrugate

  • Sheet Stock

  • Secondary Fiber

  • Newsprint

  • Coated Paper

  • Specialty Papers

  • Linerboard

  • Tissue

  • Wrapping Paper (Rolls)

  • Baled & Fluff Pulp

  • Bleach / White Board

Warehouse Specialists for Paper Products

WSI understands the unique requirements of moving, storing and shipping paper products. Over the years, we have invested in specialized equipment for efficient material handling. Everything from large parent rolls, to pulp bales, to retail ready paper products on pallets. Our equipment includes: pulp clamps, roll clamps, clamp trucks (to move pulp and rolls) and large fork lifts: 8K lifts, 10K lifts, 12K lifts.

Why Choose WSI for Paper Logistics

  • We offer different types of warehousing for the paper industry, from private and contract warehouses to large fulfillment centers. Our warehouse locations have access to rail and ground transportation to support transloading, cross docking, and on time delivery.
  • Load securement for safe and damage free transit
  • Document trailer inspections prior to loading
  • Comprehensive inspections and documentation for warehouse receiving
  • Lot tracking

“Our customers are happy because WSI gets paper products out in the right condition, count and time (CCT). Accurate warehouse receiving and inventory management are key and we do that very well.” – Donn Pierce, Director of Operations.


You do a great job for us with storage and handling and the customer service team is great!

Jim Atkinson
Domtar Corporation, Director of Paper Logistics