Pet Product Fulfillment

Pet food distribution and fulfillment get more challenging and demanding each year as the industry continues to grow. Consumers want the best for their pets, and it is critical to ensure the products they buy are fresh and readily available. Fortunately, we have the capabilities and in-house experience needed to handle every aspect of pet products distribution.

From warehousing raw materials to distributing finished products to value-added services such as POP display design and construction, we can do it all. Our capabilities allow us to meet the basic expectations for freshness and on-time delivery, as well as give you a competitive edge.

✅On-Time Delivery via Rail or Truck
✅Online Order Fulfillment & Retail Distribution
✅First In, First Out Fulfillment
✅Bulky Cat Trees to Dry Dog Food
✅Advanced Pick, Pack & Ship Services
✅White Labeled Contract Packaging
✅FDA Registered Warehousing

About the Pet Supply Industry

The Pet Supply industry continues to grow, achieving record sales year over year. During the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the pet industry grew 28% globally. Younger generations continue to treat pets as family, spending more money on their best friends.

Growth in consumer demand of your products and brands can lead to logistical challenges in fulfillment. Outsource the hassle of order fulfillment to WSI. From warehouse storage to pick, pack and shipping of pet products and pet food. Benefit from a streamlined supply chain and distribution via rail and truck.

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Types of Pet Food & Products We Handle

  • Canned foods
  • Pet drinks/hydration products
  • Dry foods/kibble
  • Prescription foods
  • Food Ingredients
  • Snack/chew items
  • Non-refrigerated treats
  • Freeze dried dog food
  • Cat furniture
  • Veterinary supplies
  • Pet accessories and toys
  • Kitty Litter
  • Bird cages
  • Aquariums to reptile terrariums
  • Pet care items from shampoo to medicine
  • And more

Working with WSI for Pet Product Fulfillment

WSI has comprehensive capabilities to serve the pet supply industry and established relationships with retailers for distribution.Whether you are looking to expand your product line or save money on retail distribution, WSI is a full service 3PL. 

Our warehouse locations follow local and federal safety and compliance requirements to keep your operations running smoothly. Our food grade warehouse distribution centers hold necessary certifications with the FDA, USDA, and local authorities.

Plus, we include advanced fulfillment software that manages and tracks inventory and integrates with eCommerce platforms for order fulfillment. For over 50 years, WSI has helped customers operate their supply chains more efficiently. What can we do for your business?

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