Food & Beverage Warehousing & Distribution

Meeting the basic requirements of keeping products fresh and living up to consumers’ lofty expectations means having a food grade third-party logistics partner that is nimble and adaptable. WSI can be that supply chain partner, thanks to our extensive capabilities when it comes to food 3PL.

We also ensure that our clients meet all of their requirements for food safety and regulatory compliance. Our food distribution warehouses and other food-grade facilities hold certifications compliant with FDA, USDA, and local guidelines.

✅ On-Time Delivery via Rail or Truck
✅ Online Order Fulfillment & Retail Distribution
✅ Shopify & eCommerce Integrations
✅ Custom Product Labeling & Branded Boxing
✅ Advanced Pick, Pack & Ship Services
✅ Experience with Dry Food Storage to Beverages
✅ FDA Registered Warehousing

About the Food & Beverage Industry

In food supply logistics, sanitation and timely delivery are key. With an internal team dedicated to monitoring changing food industry regulations and requirements, WSI understands the requirements for food-grade storage and distribution.

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Food Logistics Expertise

When selecting us to be your food logistics company, you can benefit from the wealth of capabilities we can bring to your operations. We’re capable of providing temperature-controlled shipping and storage of packaged food. Whether you have full or partial shipments, our food logistics expertise can help you meet your needs.

Having an expertly operated food logistics warehouse is crucial for product rotation and freshness. When you choose to work with us, you will receive 3PL capabilities that are among the best in the business. It’s no wonder we hold the leadership position across multiple sectors.

Types of Food Products We Handle

  • Beverages & Bottled Water

  • Dry Milk & Whey

  • Food Ingredients

  • Potato / Tapioca Starches

  • Foodservice Products

  • Sugar & Spices

  • Grocery & Snack Items

  • Tomato Paste

  • Food & Vegetables (Cans / Glass / Plastic / Tote)

Why Our Expertise Matters

We are experienced in handling raw ingredients to retail-ready products, in small to large quantities. We are experts at managing must-arrive-by-dates (MABD) and retailer routing guides, providing sophisticated lot tracking and tracing capabilities. We also offer value-added services like POP display construction, promotional packaging, and labeling of special product configurations. Ultimately, WSI can help pick, pack and ship food products to the final destination quickly and accurately.

WSI’s nationwide network of food storage facilities and experienced logistics team create customized warehouse solutions. We can meet a company’s precise needs for dry storage including non-perishable goods, packaged foods and beverages.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“The team at WSI is very responsive and focused on quality and accuracy. I highly recommend WSI’s services.”

Tomas Corrigan
Partner and Finance, Ovation Foods

“The biggest wins in partnering with WSI have been strong communication between our teams and WSI’s true desire to understand our business and optimize our fulfillment operations across all channels. Also, the real-time data transparency & system visibility have been invaluable.”

CEO of Food Spice Brand

Client Results with Food Products

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