Fulfillment Kitting Services

Adding an effective kitting element to your logistics and fulfillment strategy can transform complexity into a competitive edge. Leverage the full efficiency of package consolidation, while adding personal or custom touches that help your brand stand out.

At WSI, we’re proud to offer best-in-class kitting, custom kitting, and packaging assembly services, providing everything that you need as a business owner to effectively and efficiently outsource those crucial steps in your fulfillment process.

Take advantage of the experience, infrastructure, and capabilities of a global leader in 3PL services, and rest easy knowing that WSI will keep your business moving smoothly and your customers happy.

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About WSI’s Kitting Service

The process of kitting and assembly involves putting together bundles of specific items into packages that are ready to ship to retailers, distributors, or even directly to consumers. For example, electronics manufacturers who sell the same products internationally often need to include different power adapters for each market. Our kitting service ensures that packages containing the correct adapters are included in the final packaging before it moves on to the next point on its journey.

Companies that sell or distribute consumer product goods can benefit from kitting for manufacturing because these services make their operations and logistics more efficient and effective. Additional positive effects we can have for your business include:

  • Reduced costs created by more efficient use of labor and less waste
  • Greater accuracy in orders because of a lower risk of mistakes
  • Faster fulfilment thanks to pre-assembly of kits
  • More flexibility to respond to market surges with higher effectiveness
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Why Choose WSI?

Not every company has the specific experience and capabilities to keep up with the demands of the modern marketplace. This is why outsourcing many of your logistical tasks to a third-party logistics provider makes a lot of sense. WSI has the nationwide distribution network and global reach to help our clients achieve their order fulfillment goals with a minimum of hardship. We are one of the largest privately held 3PL companies in the United States, and we strive to give each one of our customers complete reliability in everything we do for them. To learn more about our complete lineup of services, get in touch with us today.

Warehouse Kitting

Streamline your supply chain and increase the efficiency of your fulfillment lifecycle with WSI’s warehouse kitting services.

Thanks to 14+ million square feet of warehouse space and dedicated operational facilities nationwide, WSI offers both the scale and the systems you need to be effective. Everything your product or service requires for a fully operational, highly-efficient kitting process is available under one roof, reducing waste and packing errors while ensuring faster fulfillment.

Tired of scrambling to manage the ebbs and flows of seasonal product output and demand? Backstop your supply and distribution capabilities with WSI’s warehousing services. Our flexible approach to kitting can also be customized to fit your needs, while you save money on warehousing, labor, and packaging costs by keeping it all under one roof. Meanwhile, our dedicated teams will utilize a precise inventory management system to accurately handle your delivery needs.

Kitting And Assembly

Even with global logistics being more interconnected than ever, the complexities of kitting and assembly services remain difficult to untangle. Managing the process of gathering disparate component parts into a single location for assembly, packing, and shipping can be expensive and unnecessarily complicated.

With 50+ years of experience, WSI possesses expertise in every step of the supply chain and fulfillment lifecycle, including our extensive kitting and assembly capabilities. If you need individual items assembled or re-packaged into a single ready-to-ship package, look no further. Our kitting and assembly services ensure that the proper components are assembled correctly, packaged effectively, and shipped efficiently.

Custom Kitting and Packaging Services

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, distinctive branded packaging or display elements can be a simple and effective way to stand out. But adding customization can also add complexity to the packaging process, requiring additional labor and management resources to perform effectively.

Whatever your custom kitting and packaging needs are — anything from branded boxing to custom packaging or display building — WSI can handle it. No matter how complicated your requirements, our logistics and packing experts make sure every product is packed and shipped correctly, and that every package arrives in your customer’s hands safely and securely.


Cartonization is a crucial but often-overlooked piece of any effective warehouse management system. Simply put, it’s the process of determining the best way to ship an item, from the correct carton size to packaging components.

Optimizing cartonization might seem simple, but it has massive upside when it comes to packaging and shipping efficiencies, minimizing the costs for packaging materials while increasing productivity and picking accuracy. Additionally, correct cartonization reduces the risk of damage during shipping, helping ensure that every package arrives safely.

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