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Offering significant cost efficiencies and reduced environmental impact, rail transport can be an integral component of a successful transportation mix. Partner with WSI — one of the leading transloading companies in the industry — to harness the combined potential of rail for the long haul, truck for the “last mile.”

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With decades of experience working with railroads, WSI has an in-depth understanding of the industry, including effectively managing lead times and unloading rail cars. In major cities coast to coast, WSI rail transload facilities are directly served by Class 1 railroads, where we specialize in transloading, or transferring shipments from rail to truck.

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  • The country’s largest network of rail-served public warehousing
  • Manage rail volume between 25,000 and 30,000 carloads annually
  • Experience with all car types: boxcars, centerbeam, flat cars, hoppers
  • Long relationships with railroads, truckload carriers & dray operators
  • Warehouse Management System offers real-time product visibility

Who Benefits From Transloading?

Numerous companies from multiple industries bring their goods through a WSI transload facility every day. From lumber and steel for the construction market to fresh vegetables, we deliver low-cost, high-value results for our clients through our rail-to-truck transloading. By using intermodal solutions such as transload trucking, our partners gain flexibility and cost-effective logistics.

Why Choose WSI?

There’s more to us than our rail transloading services. At WSI, we pride ourselves on combining small-town values with a global logistics reach. Even with our expansive distribution network that stretches around the world, we are still accessible and responsive to your needs. To learn more about what we can do for you and your operations, get in touch with us today.

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