Dallas Transload Terminal

11931 Shiloh Road, Dallas, TX 75228

Key Features

  • Convenient access to major transportation routes
    • Rail: Direct access to CPKC railways
    • Road: Less than a mile from I-635 (LBJ Freeway)
  • 50+ acres of secure, uncovered outdoor storage
  • Comprehensive material handling and storage services
  • Industrial forklifts on site to handle very heavy loads
  • Efficient cross-docking operations
  • Nearby access to WSI’s fulfillment centers and warehousing
  • Full-service intermodal capabilities
  • Expert transloading services for various commodities
  • Terminal can receive gondola cars, flatcars, center beam cars, tanker cars, and A-frame cars.

CPKC Zacha Transload Terminal

11931 Shiloh Road, Dallas, Texas, 75228

WSI is proud to announce our latest expansion in Dallas, Texas. We are now the operator of the CPKC Zacha Transload Terminal at 11931 Shiloh Road, offering a full range of transloading, outdoor storage, cross-docking, and intermodal services. As a leading 3PL provider, WSI is committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions to businesses across various industries.

The Zacha Transload Terminal, owned by Canadian Pacific Kansas City Limited (CPKC), is a strategic hub for multi-commodity transloading operations. With 50+ acres of secure outdoor storage and 9,523 feet of track space, this facility is well-equipped to handle a wide variety of products, including lumber, steel, palletized goods, and dry and liquid bulk, and hazardous  materials.

At WSI, we understand the unique requirements of storing and handling different commodities. Our experienced team is well-versed in managing products such as wood and timber, construction and building materials, machinery and heavy equipment, pipes and tubing, and containers and shipping equipment. We offer flexible solutions to meet your specific needs, whether you require short-term or long-term storage.

Schedule your deliveries and pickups easily with www.opendock.com. For new users, simply click ‘Register for FREE’. Once registered, search for ‘WSI’ or ‘WSI Supply Chain Solutions’, choose the location, and follow the prompts to select your time and enter shipment details.

Our Dallas transload terminal offers ample space for truck deliveries and exits, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. We understand that many products, such as lumber, are shipped via center beam or A-frame cars and require side unloading. This facility is designed to accommodate these specific requirements, making the process seamless for our customers.

Security is a top priority at WSI. The Zacha Transload Terminal is fully fenced, gated, and monitored by cameras to ensure the safety and security of your inventory. You can have peace of mind knowing that your products are protected from theft or damage.


The CPKC Zacha Transload Terminal is conveniently located near major highways and thoroughfares, providing easy access for trucks and other vehicles. The primary access roads to the terminal include:

  • Interstate 635 (I-635): Also known as the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway (LBJ), I-635 is the circumferential highway around Dallas. The terminal is situated less than a mile from the highway. I-635 connects with several other important routes, such as I-35E, I-30, and US-75, making it a critical access point for the terminal.
  • Shiloh Road: The terminal is located directly on Shiloh Road, which serves as the main access road to the facility. Shiloh Road is a well-maintained, multi-lane thoroughfare that can accommodate heavy truck traffic.
  • Garland Road: Running parallel to Shiloh Road, Garland Road is another major road that provides access to the terminal. It intersects with Shiloh Road just north of the facility, allowing for easy connections.
  • Interstate 30 (I-30): Located just a few miles south of the terminal, I-30 is another major east-west highway that connects Dallas to other cities, such as Fort Worth and Texarkana. Trucks can easily reach the terminal from I-30 via I-635 or by using local roads like Shiloh Road or Garland Road.

The CPKC Zacha Transload Terminal’s strategic location near these major roads ensures efficient truck access. It is an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain operations in the Dallas area.

Dallas is served by several major railroad terminals, including:

  • CPKC Zacha Transload Terminal
  • Union Pacific Dallas Intermodal Terminal
  • BNSF Railway Dallas Intermodal Facility
  • KCS Wylie Intermodal Terminal

While Dallas is not a seaport city, it is well-connected to major ports through its extensive rail and road networks. The nearest major port is the Port of Houston, located approximately 250 miles southeast of Dallas. WSI’s logistics experts can help you navigate the best shipping routes and methods to efficiently transport your goods to and from the Port of Houston or any other major port.

Outdoor storage near Dallas offers several advantages for businesses:

  • Cost-effective solution for storing large or bulky items
  • Ideal for products that do not require climate-controlled storage
  • Convenient access to major transportation routes and logistics hubs
  • Flexibility to accommodate short-term and long-term storage needs
  • Secure environment with fencing, gating, and camera monitoring

With our strategic location, cutting-edge facilities, and experienced team, WSI is your trusted partner for transloading, outdoor storage, and logistics solutions in the Dallas area. Contact us today to learn how we can help optimize your supply chain and drive your business forward.


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