Building Materials Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouse Specialists offers a large footprint nationwide of secure outdoor and indoor storage of raw materials used in the construction industry. In addition to warehousing with rail access, WSI provides transloading services, cross-docking, and ground transportation, distributing raw materials. We connect material importers and suppliers to big box retailers, manufacturing facilities and independent hardware stores.

Supply chain management is a core service of WSI, with a team of experienced professionals available for inventory management, material handling and fulfillment, and transportation brokerage. Get started today and streamline your material supply chain, save shipping costs and achieve on time delivery.

Building Materials Industry

The global construction materials industry is expected to grow by nearly 11% from 2023 to 2033. In the United States, strong demand for housing is increasing consumer demand for construction materials. On the commercial side, major upgrades to critical infrastructure are becoming a priority for the government. As a result, building material prices will likely continue to outpace inflation, which could lead to supply chain issues and high demand.

Headquartered in Wisconsin, Warehouse Specialists (WSI) has decades of experience handling lumber and wood products. Other construction materials stored in our facilities include insulation, flooring products, drywall and more.

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Materials Warehoused at WSI

  • Drywall

  • Hardware Fasteners

  • Flooring: Tile, Hardwood, Vinyl Planks

  • Steel Sheeting

  • Lumber for Framing, Fencing & Decks

  • Plywood and Particle Board

  • Shingles and Roofing Materials

  • Bricks & Pavers

  • Fiberglass & Cellulose Insulation

  • Glass Windows

  • Cement/Concrete

  • Wood Cabinetry

  • Countertops

Warehouse with WSI for Construction Materials

There are many benefits to storing raw materials used for the construction of buildings with a 3PL warehouse. Manufacturers that rely on lumber, sheet metal, plywood and more to create finished products can also benefit from outsourcing to a 3PL for additional services.

If flexible storage is needed, WSI’s extensive network of public warehouses can be leveraged to manage seasonal volume fluctuations. We also offer contract warehousing at dedicated facilities for long term storage, featuring transloading capabilities and access to major metro areas.

Unique Requirements

Raw materials used in building construction can often be described as heavy, bulky and even fragile. Handling pallets of materials weighing several tons, WSI maintains a specialized fleet of forklifts that are more than capable of safely unloading and loading a broad range of materials. In addition, WSI focuses on safety through comprehensive training and exceeds compliance requirements. Our priority is to eliminate the risk of accidents and protect the inventory of customers.

Some types of lumber, metals and packaged materials maybe safely warehoused outside. WSI has several facilities providing outdoor storage as well as indoor storage for construction materials that are more sensitive to humidity and moisture such as floor tile, insulation, framing lumber, vinyl planking and cabinetry.

Many of our distribution centers offer full rail access and the ability to unload center-beam railcars. We’re knowledgeable about meeting distribution needs for businesses shipping both B2B and B2C, and coordinating outbound delivery to retail locations or right to the job site.

Get Started with WSI?

Outsourcing storage of materials to a 3PL with a nationwide footprint allows you to scale your operations and increase storage space when and where you need it. Lower liability and company risk of accidents and damage to inventory. Furthermore, gain access to rail networks, retail compliance experts and competitive shipping rates.

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