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Warehouse Specialists (WSI) is an award-winning 3PL with a coast to coast fulfillment network. Operating in over 1 million square feet of warehousing near the West Coast, our existing storage facilities offer unique capabilities for chemicals, distribution, food storage and more.

Our West Coast distribution centers include shared warehousing to private/contract facilities, offering a mix of warehouses with access to rail, freight networks and airports.


Western warehouses

1+ million

Total square footage near West Coast

4 States

With warehousing out west

WSI stands out as a supply chain partner with over 55 years of experience helping companies choose their ideal warehouse locations. We reduce transportation costs and guarantee on-time delivery of goods to your customers with a strategically located distribution site.

Specialized West Coast Fulfillment Centers

WSI helps companies fulfill online orders to pick, pack and ship products. Choosing a warehouse location involves many factors that our supply chain analysts are happy to help identify. For example, Phoenix can be a strategic warehouse location for serving a fast growing metro and within a day’s drive to the West Coast. WSI maintains public fulfillment centers in Southern California and also serves the West Coast from nearby states.

The West Coast offers unique advantages, such as access to domestic raw materials from the northern U.S. and Canada (lumber, wood products, paper) and food processing companies (Southern California). The West Coast locations also provide access to international ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles for receiving products from overseas or for positioning products to export.

Long Beach Warehouse

20455 Reeves Avenue, Carson, CA, 90810
Features: Rail Access, Chemical Logistics and Warehousing

This location specializes in storage of hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals, paper, industrial goods and food-grade products. Our warehouse is in an a well developed industrial area that houses freight from the ports, most often petroleum/oil and other cargo. It is uniquely prepared for industrial chemical companies such as Covestro, Redox, Lanxess and Wanhua.

The Long Beach warehouse is less than 2 miles from three major freeways (I-710, 1-405 and 1-110) and near the Union Pacific (UP) railyard. Additionally, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are less than 10 miles away and LAX (Los Angeles International) and LGB (Long Beach Airport) are within 20 miles. With direct access to greater Los Angeles (and nearly 10 million people), this is a great spot to position your company.

Los Angeles Warehouse

2743 Thompson Creek Road, Pomona, CA, 91767
Features: Rail Access, Food Grade Storage, Fulfillment

Some of Los Angeles’ major industries include movies, manufacturing, fashion and retail, construction, transportation, real estate and health care. Adding your products to our warehouse, you’d have neighbors such as USG (drywall, suspended ceiling tiles and plaster); GP, PCA, ORORA, Twin Rivers (paper rolls); IKO (roofing materials); Profile (dry mulch); Essity (napkins, toiletries and dispensers); NAI (nutritional products); and 4505 (chicharrones/pork rinds).

The Los Angeles distribution center is close to ONT (LA/Ontario International) and LAX, with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail yard 17 miles away. The Long Beach and L.A. ports are within 50 miles, and two major freeways (1-10 and 1-210) are less than 2 miles from the facility, again positioning nearly 10 million customers right on your doorstep.

Portland, Oregon

5915 N Marine Drive, Portland, OR, 97203
Features: Chemical Logistics and Warehousing

The Portland warehouse serves retail and online fulfillment customers in industries including bioscience, climate tech, outdoors apparel, food, metals, and computers/software. WSI also operates two private facilities in the Portland area, but our public warehouse has plenty of space for commercial lease. At 300,000 square feet, with 22,000 square feet of dedicated chemical space.

Conveniently located, the Portland fulfillment center is close to major highways (2.5 miles from I-5 and 8 miles from I-205), the BNSF and UP rail yards, the Port of Portland (half a mile away), and Portland International Airport (8 miles away).


5150 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO, 80216
Features: Rail Access, Chemical & Food Grade Storage

Major industries in the area include bioscience, advanced manufacturing, electronics, outdoor recreation and health care, Denver is also known as a hub for aviation and software. Covestro, Ritek, Kub Water and Lanxess are just a few of the companies that work with the WSI Denver warehouse for their chemical logistics needs. Other notables working with us include Idaho, GP Wood, Plummer and Jona Panels (lumber); WRK, Deline and American Gypsum (paper products); Band It (aluminum); Azteca (cornmeal); JM Smucker (peanut butter and jelly); Shamrock Foods (canned food); Scotwood Industry (ice melt); Vive Corp (AgriChemicals); and Cambridge Lee (copper tubing and brass rods).

Denver can be a regional fulfillment center between West Coast and Midwest operations, only a mile away from 1-70 and 1-270 and less than 10 miles away from UP and BNSF rail yards. The Denver International Airport is 20 miles away. This location is only 2 miles from the UPS sort center and 26 miles from the FedEx sort center.

Phoenix, Arizona

4710 W Camelback Road, Glendale, AZ, 85301
Features: Rail Access, Food Grade Storage

The Phoenix warehouse is smartly positioned near downtown in a fast-growing metro area. The Phoenix economy is diverse with eCommerce, logistics and distribution as a major driver. In recent years, warehouses have been popping up in Phoenix to both get closer to the big U.S. consumer markets in California while also staying out of the bottlenecks at traditional hubs in Southern California’s Inland Empire. Strategically located between L.A. and Texas, the Phoenix facility is positioned to tie together two huge regions.

The Phoenix facility is only a few short miles to 1-17 and 1-10, with two BNSF rail yards directly north (1 mile and 6 miles away). The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is a short 12-mile drive away.

Reliable 3PL West Coast Distributors

Our fulfillment centers offer Absolute Reliability for eCommerce fulfillment and storage solutions, giving online retailers peace of mind that their distribution is being executed flawlessly. Our logistics teams handle everything from warehousing and order fulfillment to shipping and returns, so you can focus on what you do best: growing and scaling your business!

Each of our West Coast fulfillment centers are strategically situated to provide a shipping radius of 1-2 days to most of the USA.

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