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Scale your company with the best 3PL in Texas (and beyond) by choosing Warehouse Specialists (WSI). You need a strategic partner with a warehouse network and capabilities to fulfill online orders and pick, pack and ship products to customers and stores.

WSI delivers with commercial square footage in Dallas and a mix of multi-client facilities as well as dedicated warehouses nearby in Baytown, Texas. Our agile team, software and process are well-equipped to help your business grow, reach new customers and improve your supply chain operations.


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Since 1966, WSI has grown into one of the 20 largest 3PL’s in America. Our warehouse footprint in Texas has expanded in recent years due to strong growth of the population and economy. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metro has a reputation as a hub for multiple industries, including construction, food manufacturing, instruments, transportation manufacturing and company headquarters/operations. As corporate relocations to Texas continue to grow, it’s worth considering a south/central warehouse in Texas.

Warehouse Specialists features four locations in the Dallas area with order fulfillment and pick, pack and ship capabilities. The sprawl of Texas cities and highway networks also means there is opportunity for new warehouse development. Growth of new residents and business migration to the state are other factors that make Texas a great warehouse location.

Furthermore, Texas is within proximity to Mexico, convenient for importing raw materials or finished goods across the border. Four of WSI’s locations in Texas are public and available for business lease, but WSI also has private locations in near Tulsa and Houston, where many of the nation’s oil processing facilities are located. Private or dedicated warehouses are a great option for your company should you need a larger footprint.

Dallas Warehouse

9804 Chartwell Drive, Dallas, TX 75243
Features: Fulfillment Capabilities, New Public Warehouse

The public warehouse on Chartwell Drive is also focused on distribution of direct-to-consumer products. Dallas retailers have been reporting big numbers for online sales for the past several years, which in turn is causing Dallas warehouse inventory to grow.

The Chartwell Drive distribution center is within 5 miles to three major highways (I-635, I-78 and I-75). Two container yards are nearby (UP-Wilmer, 26 miles; BNSF-Haslet, 48 miles). DFW is a short 20-mile drive.

Dallas Fulfillment & Distribution Center

11115 Petal Street, Dallas, TX, 75238
Features: Rail Access, Chemical & Food Grade Storage, Fulfillment, Distribution Center

Our Petal Street warehouse dedicates 10,000 square feet to food-grade and chemical storage. In total, 290,000 square feet is available in our largest warehouse in Dallas. Additionally, this location expertly handles building materials, consumer-packaged goods, paper and industrial goods. Rail access is available.

The Petal Street warehouses are less than a mile from I-635. Two container yards are nearby (UP-Wilmer, 26 miles; BNSF-Haslet, 48 miles). DFW is a short 20-mile drive. And the Port of Houston is 250 miles away.

Dallas Rail Warehouse

12110 Garland Road, Dallas, TX, 75218
Features: Rail Access

The Garland Road warehouse has a great deal of rail access, including 6 acres of secure outdoor storage. Our large storage capacity includes the ability to handle gondolas, flat cars and box cars for transloading. We offer rail service by Kansas City Southern Railway with an open reciprocal switch to Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific. This location’s specialties include storing building materials, paper and industrial goods.

The Garland Road facility is within a mile to 1-635, 20 miles to DFW and 250 miles to the Port of Houston Barbers Cut. Four container yards are nearby: UP-Wilmer (26 miles), KCS-Dallas (1 mile), KCS-Wylie (15 miles) and BNSF-Haslet (48 miles).

Garland Warehouse

2722 S Jupiter Road, Garland, TX, 75041
Features: Rail Access, Food Grade Storage and Fulfillment Capabilities

WSI’s Jupiter Road warehouse in Garland, TX, includes 47,000 square feet of ambient temperature controlled food-storage space. Rail service is provided by Kansas City Southern Railway with an open reciprocal switch to BNSF and UP. In addition to food, this location expertly handles building materials, retail and online consumer-packaged goods, industrial goods and paper. We integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace and many more to make Ecommerce fulfillment in Texas easy.

Intermodal Rail Terminal

CPKC Zacha Transload Terminal
11931 Shiloh Road, Dallas, Texas, 75228

Features: CPKC Rail Access, Outdoor Storage, Transloading

WSI is proud to announce our latest expansion in Dallas, Texas. We are now the operator of the CPKC Zacha Transload Terminal at 11931 Shiloh Road, offering a full range of transloading, outdoor storage, cross-docking, and intermodal services. As a leading 3PL provider, WSI is committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions to businesses across various industries.

Reliable 3PL Fulfillment Center Texas

WSI takes great care with Ecommerce fulfillment and storage solutions, giving online retailers confidence that their logistics are being handled with expediency. Our logistics team carries out everything from storage to order fulfillment to shipping to returns, so you can focus on one thing: growing your business!

Each of our Texas fulfillment centers are conveniently situated close to I-635, rail yards, and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to provide a shipping radius of 1-2 days — a major plus for online and retail businesses.

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