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Your supply chain is not a one-way street. Reverse logistics management is just as important to your customers’ satisfaction as your fulfillment, which is why so many outsource their returns services to WSI.

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The rise of eCommerce means consumers expect not only to get their orders quickly and easily — they also count on your company to accept and process returns just as conveniently. Streamlining your reverse logistics services can help reduce your overhead, making it a crucial element of your operations. With our comprehensive return management services, we leverage the strength of our national network of carriers and third-party logistics expertise to help you get returned merchandise back to your facilities as fast as possible.

No matter what type of business you’re in, outsourcing reverse logistics through us means you can enjoy advantages such as:

  • Reduced burden: Our experts can take the hassles of managing returns off your plate, so you and your team can concentrate on what matters most.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Thanks to the size and scale of our 3PL reverse logistics providers, we can negotiate the best terms and rates for you.
  • Complete support: We can be your single point of contact for every part of the process, no matter how many shipments you give us.
  • Efficiency: Trusting us with your returns management means you’ll have knowledgeable experts in charge of the process from start to finish.

Why Choose WSI?

Our experience in third-party logistics runs the gamut from warehouse management to fulfillment. This makes us an ideal partner for your returns management so you can focus on growing and delivering the best possible service for your customer base. As one of the largest privately held logistics companies in the marketplace today, we can get the job done.

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