Midwest & Eastern Warehouses of WSI


WSI is one of the largest private 3PLs in the country, with over 13.6 million total square feet of warehousing. In the Midwest and East coast, 4.8 million square feet of storage is within private/ dedicated warehouse locations. While another 7 million + is available across 16 public warehouse facilities across the country.

WSI has a long-standing reputation as a supply chain partner for manufacturers, distributors, national retail brands and online stores. Our Midwest warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers are strategically located to major railway lines, highways and airports. Work with WSI and promise one day delivery or two day delivery to a majority of your customers while also keeping transportation costs low.

40 Warehouses

in the Midwest and East

9.6+ Million

Total square footage in the Midwest and East

5 States

in the midwest and east where WSI has a geographic presence

Specialized Midwest Warehousing

WSI optimizes your supply chain, looking at where raw materials are sourced, imported/exported, your manufacturing locations and retail relationships. We further analyze where you are hoping to grow your customer base. All of these factors help us create a regional or national warehouse network custom to your business.

WSI started in northeast Wisconsin, where many of our public Midwest warehouses are located. Because of this history, we have a rich partnership with lumber, pulp and paper businesses, which is why we consider the paper industry our legacy business.

Allentown, PA

7144 Daniels Drive, Allentown, PA, 18106
Features: Rail Access, Chemical & Food Grade Storage and Fulfillment Capabilities

The Lehigh Valley is known for heavy manufacturing, food & beverage processing and easy transportation access to New York City and Philadelphia. WSI maintains a public warehouse in Allentown with comprehensive fulfillment and distribution capabilities to nearby retailers or customers. Featuring a variety of certifications, Allentown is equipped for food and beverage companies, consumer packaged goods, online order fulfillment, raw materials, chemicals and more.

Appleton, WI

3000 Warehouse Road, Appleton, WI 54915
Features: Rail Access, FDA Certified Food Storage

The Appleton, WI, warehouse is located in an area with a deep history in the paper industry, beginning with the city’s first paper mill in 1853. This facility also offers FDA-registered food storage, as well as storage for paper, general materials and building materials.

Chicago Distribution Center

21700 Mark Collins Drive, Sauk Village, IL, 60411
Features: Rail Access, Food Grade Storage

WSI’s two public warehouses in Chicago feature the largest square footage in our portfolio. Located within Cook County, both feature direct rail access and easy access to highways for ground transportation to the Midwest. While one location is suited for food-grade storage, the other is a distribution center for online commerce, manufacturers, printing and food processing companies. The greater Chicago area is home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Conagra Brands, Kraft Heinz, McDonald’s, Motorola Solutions and United Airlines.

Combined Locks, WI

100 Prospect Street, Combined Locks, WI 54113
Features: Rail Access

Combined Locks is a small village that is home to long-standing paper companies such as McKinley Paper (formerly Appleton Coated & Midwest Paper Group). The warehouse has rail access and specializes in storing paper and industrial goods.

Warehouse in Fond du Lac, WI

1771 Morris Street, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Features: Public Warehouse

WSI maintains two dedicated facilities and one public warehouse in Fond du Lac, WI. Our public warehouse is the second largest in our midwest portfolio with a 40’ sidewall height and nearly 600,000 square feet. Registered with  the FDA for food storage, this site also stores building materials, consumer packaged goods and paper materials.

Fond du Lac is known as one of the safest metros in the nation and is home to many top companies, including Mercury Marine (motors), Fives Giddings & Lewis (manufacturing), Mid-States Aluminum (aluminum manufacturing) and J.M. Smucker Company (food).


19251 Bunge Avenue, Council Bluffs, IA, 51503
Features: Private Warehouse

Council Bluffs, IA, is home to WSI’s new state-of-the-art agricultural chemical logistics facility, ranked as one of the nation’s best. The private warehouse has Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and Responsible Care® certification. It also stores building materials, paper and industrial goods. Local industry includes robotics, plastics, railroading and electrical products. Manufacturers such as American Games (lottery products), Barton Solvents (solvents and chemicals), Con-Agra (food), Red Giant Oil (locomotive oil) and Tyson Foods have plants nearby.

Menasha, WI

655 Brighton Beach Rd, Menasha, WI 54952
Features: Rail Access

WSI has two public warehouses in Menasha. The facility on Brighton Beach Road has direct rail access; the one on Garfield Avenue specializes in overall supply chain logistics. Both are mostly used for storing building materials, industrial goods and paper. Manufacturing, retail trade and health care are the area’s largest industries.

Neenah, WI

2240 Harrison St, Neenah, WI 54956

WSI maintains a cluster of public and private warehouse locations in Neenah for a variety of companies. A total of 9 dedicated warehouses are managed by WSI for contract logistics, storage and fulfillment. Neenah’s proximity to Green Bay and Milwaukee make it an attractive warehouse location for many businesses. 3 public locations specialize in chemical storage, building materials, consumer-packaged goods, industrial goods, FDA registered food-grade  storage, and paper.

Neenah is known for having a healthy manufacturing economy, including plants for large companies such as Plexus (manufacturing), Kimberly-Clark (paper), and Neenah Foundry (industrial and construction).

Plover, WI

2601 Hoover Ave, Plover, WI 54467
Features: Rail Access

The Plover, WI, warehouse has rail access and mainly houses building materials, industrial goods and paper. Central Wisconsin’s economy is mostly made up of agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, forest products and dairy. In recent years the region has attracted many companies pertaining to those industries because the area is in close proximity to many Midwest hubs: Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Green Bay.

Stevens Point, WI

2557 Leahy Court, Stevens Point, WI 54481
Features: Rail Access, FDA Certified Food Storage

The Stevens Point, WI, warehouse offers storage for a variety of products, including general materials, paper, building materials, industrial equipment, consumer packaged goods, and food storage. This location is a FDA registered  food grade facility  and has rail access.

The city became a lumbering center in the mid-1800s, and today its economy includes paper products, forest products, filtration equipment, livestock (beef and dairy cattle), agriculture (potatoes, corn, cranberries, green beans) and beer.

Wisconsin Rapids Food Warehouse

3500 Wolosek Ave, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Features: FDA Certified Food Storage

WSI has two public warehouses in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. The 2nd Street location has rail access and specializes in building materials, industrial goods and paper. The Wolosek Avenue location has FDA registered  food storage and additionally houses building materials, consumer-packaged goods, industrial goods and paper.

The area, known for its papermaking history, also is important for the cranberry industry and is home to educational software company Renaissance Learning.

Reliable 3PL Midwest Distribution Center

At WSI, we pride ourselves on becoming supply chain partners for online commerce to brands . More than a warehouse for commercial storage, our team can handle online order fulfillment, pick, pack and ship, kitting and product assembly and reverse logistics.

Each of our Midwest and Eastern fulfillment centers are strategically situated to provide a shipping radius of 1-2 days, perfect for eCommerce and retail businesses.

The Midwest region provides many benefits to companies seeking to expand and grow. From proximity to a majority of the US population to affordable land for new warehouse facilities to access along major rail networks. 

While WSI has public warehouses available for business lease, we also construct private or dedicated warehouses for companies that need more control over inventory.

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