First-Time Logistics Outsourcers Find the Right Fulfillment Partner


A popular eCommerce shop that specializes in crystal jewelry and accessories, decorative items, beauty and wellness products.  


Due to the increasing demand for their products and subscription boxes, our eCommerce customer felt overwhelmed by doing their order fulfillment in-house and started contemplating partnering with a 3PL to provide fulfillment services.  

They recognized the need to scale their business and were in search of a fulfillment partner that could cater to their specific requirements. Crystals are a unique product, so they sought a fulfillment partner who could accommodate their needs. 


Choosing the right fulfillment partner can be challenging, so our customer sought assistance from Izba, a consulting agency, to help them make an informed decision. This was their first experience with a third-party logistics provider, it was important that the company find an experienced partner that can guide them through the transition to outsourced fulfillment.  

Making the transition and being onboarded with a 3PL partner can be a source of anxiety for some businesses. Energy Muse needed to be assured that they would transition to outsourced logistics in a timely manner without interrupting service to their customers. 

After conducting a thorough analysis, our customer and their consultant interviewed potential 3PLs with fulfillment centers in their desired locations and ultimately chose WSI with confidence. The solutions that changed their fulfillment strategy were WSI’s ability to scale, provide a nationwide network, and incorporate value-added services. 


WSI takes pride in being the ideal fit for customers who wish to transition from self-fulfillment to outsourced fulfillment and scale their business without any setbacks. 

Jennifer Polce, a consultant at Izba, explains that WSI stood out among its competitors because of its ability to cater to clients with trouble scaling: “[WSI is] an especially good fit for clients who are moving from self-fulfillment and can be partners through the transition to outsourced fulfillment. WSI has locations around the country to optimize for proximity to customers and grow your footprint to multiple locations if needed.”

Nationwide Network 

WSI has fulfillment centers strategically located across the country to optimize proximity to customers and quickly ship products to customers from coast to coast. 

Based on the location of their shoppers, WSI suggested a centralized distribution center in Chicago, Illinois. This provided our client with the reach to deliver to most metropolitan areas with 2-day shipping and take advantage of our competitive small-parcel rates.  

Value-Added Services  

For those that aren’t familiar, crystal users must often cleanse and charge their crystals to keep them performing optimally. This is often done by putting them in running water, exposing them to sunlight/moonlight, or playing music that covers the stones with vibrations.  

Because of this,  couldn’t partner with just any fulfillment center. They were looking for a team that could handle their orders with care, kit their subscription boxes, and a third, special request: Play music in the warehouse overnight for their inventory.   

We were able to accommodate their request with no issues, playing cleansing music in our fulfillment center nightly.  

WSI has considerable experience in the eCommerce fulfillment industry and is always partnering with new and unique customers. Ready to learn more about what WSI can do for you? Talk to us today. 

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