Among 3PL Partners, Here Are 5 Attributes That Give WSI an Edge

November 4, 2020 3PL

Five decades in the business have made WSI a leader among 3PL partners. Here’s why.

Reliability is Everything™. That is more than a slogan here at WSI. It’s the foundation upon which our entire operation is built. When you partner with us, you get small-town values on a big-league scale. Let us explain what it all means for you and take a closer look at other features that set us apart like our certifications in chemical logistics, network scalability, nationwide coverage, and fulfillment expertise. Among 3PL partners, you can trust WSI to help your business excel.

3PL partners are crucial to optimizing your supply chain operations. WSI offers the following:

1. Nationwide coverage: Partners gain access
Wherever you are or need to go, WSI is there. We operate a network of more than 40 facilities nationwide with a warehouse footprint in excess of 15 million square feet. That means WSI features the 17th largest third-party logistics footprint in the United States. When you partner with WSI, you gain instant access to our full suite of tailored end-to-end logistics solutions designed to provide absolute service reliability and the best overall value to you.

2. Network scalability: Built to accommodate your needs
When your business grows, the WSI network is there to accommodate your expansion. Rather than investing in warehouse space and technology based on uncertain forecasts (the Covid-19 pandemic underscored what most of us already know — supply chain planning is incredibly challenging), a 3PL partner can help you scale space, labor, technology, and transportation in accordance with market fluctuations. We use the latest in supply chain management software to leverage our five decades of industry expertise to your advantage, whether it is continuously fine-tuning logistics processes or swiftly meeting sudden warehouse space demand.

3. Market expertise: Leveraged to tailor solutions
You cannot be an expert at everything — that’s where WSI enters the picture. Over the past 50 years, we have developed highly specialized distribution and fulfillment services tailored to the needs of our B2B and B2C partners. Each operation is customized to meet the specific requirements of each client’s operation and channels of distribution. WSI’s portfolio or customers is a testament to the quality of our supply chain solutions. We count among our partners some of the country’s largest paper producers, global chemical leaders, and top CPG companies. Supporting and completing their supply chain needs, from warehousing to direct-to-consumer fulfillment, is central to what we do.

4. Chemical logistics: Safety first
Safety first is the backbone of our day-to-day operations. WSI’s holistic approach includes an unwavering focus on keeping our employees safe and a 24/7-commitment to the highest safety standards for chemical logistics as proven by our full range of certifications. In fact, we are the trusted 3PL partner of some of the top chemical companies in the world. Our extensive record of safely and efficiently handling, storing, and distributing chemicals and other hazardous materials — through our division of Material Logistics & Services — is the result of our dedication to the task. As an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Partner, we have committed to the Guiding Principles as well as transparent reporting and facility audits.

5. Reliability: It’s the foundation of WSI
You seek reliability — WSI delivers it. Our 3PL partners stick with us for a reason. The exceptionally high client retention rate speaks to the simple truth that when you receive reliable service, you come back for more. Our passion for excellence is built into every tier of WSI. When you call, someone will be there to pick up the phone (it may even be the CEO who has been known to hop on calls to tackle the needs and challenges of our partners). As a privately held company — family owned and operated — we have no one to please but you. At WSI, your business never has to take a backseat to shareholders or end-of-month quotas. We build our services around our 3PL partners, not the other way around.

This is just the beginning of the WSI story. Return to the blog for continuous coverage of industry trends and insights to help your business thrive — or contact us today.

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