30 November, 2023

WSI Expands Logistics Services through Strategic Acquisition of Pac-Modal

APPLETON, WISCONSIN, NOVEMBER 30, 2023  — Warehouse Specialists, LLC (WSI), a leading provider of comprehensive logistics solutions, has announced the successful acquisition of Pac-Modal, an integrated logistics management company located in Lynnwood, Washington.

Pac-Modal specializes in drayage and transportation-related services, including brokerage and trucking. Under the leadership of its President, Jackson Fuiten, the Pac-Modal team has garnered a reputation for delivering effective and cost-efficient supply chain solutions in the Pacific Northwest. “We feel strongly Pac-Modal’s skillset is an excellent complement to WSI,” says Bob Schroeder, CEO at WSI, “we’re excited to have them aboard.”

This acquisition is another milestone in WSI’s 57-year growth journey, with a focus on providing tailored, scalable solutions for customers. In addition to expanding its warehouse footprint, WSI added transportation to its suite of services in 2002, further expanding brokerage and the asset-based portion of the business in 2016. Acquiring Pac-Modal is a strategic move that further strengthens WSI’s service offerings.

“This acquisition is directly aligned with WSI’s long-term strategy to grow revenue and earnings while diversifying our customer base,” says Paul Simmons, Chief Operations Officer at WSI. “We are excited to welcome Pac-Modal to the WSI family and look forward to leveraging their expertise to create even more value for our customers.”

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Mariana Vieth

Director of Marketing


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