02 July, 2021


How many of the email newsletters you get actually get opened? When was the last time you checked out that blog you bookmarked?

For many people, reading a blog or news article during the work day feels like a luxury. For others, it’s a procrastination tactic. But if you are choosing the right publications to follow, scheduling some time to read on a routine basis can be a powerful educational practice.

The supply chain industry has been in the spotlight even more than usual in 2021. The political events, economic and health crises of the last past year have left us feeling like we just stepped off a roller coaster. Some would argue we are still on the ride.

As we navigate the shifts in the global economy it’s imperative that supply chain and logistics leaders are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry. This means staying in the know of the latest news, advancements in technology, successes, and challenges within the global supply chain.

WSI has pulled together a list of the top 5 supply chain blogs of 2021, so far. These blogs are reliable, insightful, and easy to digest. Our team members like to read them to stay up-to-date on a wide range of industry topics, including supply chain news and interviews with top supply chain leaders. Have you bookmarked these already? Go read!



Supply Chain Brain focuses on high-level supply chain executives. It offers news, opinions, and information on a wide range of topics, including innovative technologies, management, warehousing, and the latest trends. The free blog provides daily newsletters with white papers, webinars, and case studies. With over 40,000 Twitter followers, this blog is a must for all supply chain employees wanting to stay in the know on social networks too.


Logistics Viewpoints is committed to providing logistics professionals with clear and concise analyses of logistics trends, technologies, and services. ARC supply chain and logistics analysts Steve Banker, Clint Reiser, and Chris Cunnane bring more than 40 years of logistics research experience to their writing and analysis, working closely with leading manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and technology companies. Their insightful postings address clearly and concisely the basic questions logistics professionals are asking: What are the most important trends and news in the industry today? Why are these developments important? What actions should I take in response?


From leading topics on technology and trucking to impacts on big-name retailers like Walmart and Amazon, Inbound Logistics is one of the top-ranking blogs for all things logistics and supply chain. The posts include daily news, as well as deep dives into transportation, warehouse management, and shipment solutions. It’s a reliable resource for 3PL partners with an emphasis on service throughout the supply chain.


Supply Chain 24/7 puts the right content in front of the user at the right time by bringing together relevant information from across the web including articles, blogs, news, and resources. One of the most popular news sites for the logistics industry, this blog puts an emphasis on technology and software trends in supply chain management.


This blog is designed to inform logistics and supply chain managers and executives of leading industry topics. DCVelocity was dubbed the first blog to satisfy executives’ informational needs with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of logistics. This includes internal logistics within a distribution center or warehouse and external logistics relating to the transport of goods and freight. Other topics focus on strategies that optimize logistics, thus providing companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


At WSI, we believe that successful operations require a commitment to continued learning. In addition to our robust training curriculum and certifications, our employees attend continuing education events and keep up with the trends by reading up on what’s going on in our world. These blog posts, as well as our blog, are resources to help professionals drive innovation, adopt best practices, and implement cutting-edge technologies to push the supply chain and logistics industries to new levels. Let us help you drive growth and reach your highest goals. Connect with an expert.

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