Freight Bill Audit And Payment Service

Freight bill audit and payment services from WSI can help companies ensure that invoices are always accurate. Our customers trust us to provide the most accurate and efficient capabilities in this crucial area of their supply chain.

Making sense of freight invoices is more complicated than ever, and any mistakes made by carriers can add up to significantly increased costs. This is why is it critical for companies to have a partner that can provide a complete freight bill audit, as well as timely freight bill payments.

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Working with experts to go through each invoice carefully can help ensure that any errors or oversights are corrected before they can impact revenue. Our freight invoice auditing can prevent a mistake from disrupting your processes, and we also make sure all payments are made to the correct parties.

Our services offer many benefits for our customers, including:

  • Increased efficiency: Trust us to handle this element of your supply chain and you can count on smooth operations. This allows you to focus your attention on other aspects of your business.
  • More accuracy: With dedicated experts combing through each bill, errors can be caught and resolved quickly before they have a chance to cause more problems.
  • Reduced costs: Paying carriers on-time and without delays means you can reduce your overhead and save money.

Why Choose WSI?

WSI stands apart from other freight bill audit companies because we’re dedicated to getting the job done right. As one of the largest privately held logistics organizations in the world, we have the in-house expertise and experience necessary to ensure the overall best results for our clients. Outsourcing these tasks to us means you get the highest levels of care and attention from our knowledgeable professionals. Plus, we can integrate these services into our 3PL capabilities to meet a wide variety of needs across multiple sectors.

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