17 January, 2022


You’ve heard of “integrated logistics”. It’s a common term in the 3PL industry, but not many companies totally understand what that means. Here at WSI, we understand the necessity to have supply chain solutions that complement each other. Let’s take a deeper look at what it means to have a great 3PL partner and truly integrated solutions.


Integrated logistics is all about utilizing a comprehensive network of solutions to meet customers’ needs and demands in a timely manner. Great 3PLs are able to anticipate what these needs will be before a customer realizes it themselves.

Ultimately, it boils down to the ultimate customer experience; one that is supported by your third-party logistics provider. Working as an extension of your team, your 3PL performs end-to-end logistics services with full transparency – utilizing systems, people, and processes for seamless business. But how?

Your relationship with your 3PL has to be built on a solid foundation. Their role requires them to have a deep and intimate understanding of your business and what drives growth and revenue. This knowledge of your company goals and strategy is what aids 3PLs in their quest to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Having integrated systems and teams throughout your organization provides huge benefits to your entire company. From reducing costs to optimizing processes, a 3PL can help take each part of your business and turn it into a unified team working towards the ultimate goal: an efficient, thriving company.


According to a recent Oracle poll, supply chains are able to see an up to 82% increase in on-time deliveries by collaborating across the organization to optimize and streamline supply, manufacturing, and operations processes. By connecting key disciplines within your organization, teams are able to more effectively strategize, thus increasing overall performance. Working in silos prohibits free-flowing ideas and collaborations. It also hinders visibility when issues arise. With open communication and integrated systems, teams are working together with a shared goal and can see how each section is contributing to the greater good.


Flexibility and agility are key components of any successful business and become even more important when we’re talking about integrations. These integrations have to be nimble and easily updated to continue scaling with your business.

A flexible approach is the best way to take advantage of any new advances that can boost your working processes while protecting against the stress and potential damage of a security breach. Committing to an overly complicated supply chain, without being open to change or improvement, will only companies up for a fall somewhere down the line.” Steve Mitchell, Supply Chain Brain


At WSI, we believe in a holistic integration process that is founded on privacy and security. We understand the importance of protecting your client’s data and the responsibility of your business to protect it. By providing secure integrations, we’re able to help increase satisfaction and establish a pathway from a one-time buyer to a loyal customer.


It’s not enough to just hire a 3PL, your integrated logistics partner needs to work for your business. Having a partner that utilizes cutting-edge technology, multi-platform functionality and clear communication and transparency across all departments is no easy task. Luckily, we have lots of practice. For over 50 years, WSI has helped customers succeed with reliable, integrated third-party logistics. That passion for excellence has built WSI into one of the nation’s largest privately held 3PL solutions providers with an exceptionally high client retention rate. When you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen.

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