Part 1 – Recency Bias, Availability Bias, and Customer Satisfaction

September 15, 2020 Fulfillment
How can your 3PL make an outsized impact on ultimate customer satisfaction? By not fulfilling its end of the bargain.

You spend a lot of money to market to and earn your customers’ business. However, when your 3PL doesn’t fulfill an order correctly and timely, your customers are left disappointed in their last interaction with you. Your business is then left vulnerable to “recency bias,” a proven psychological bias showing that people tend to put greater importance on recent events vs. events happening less recently. Your customers will overly weigh their most recent interactions with you and will be left with a “bad taste in their mouths” if their latest package arrives late or is inaccurate. This often taints their entire experience, even if everything leading up to it was positive. The last impression your customers are left with is the lasting one.

This is why WSI strives to offer the best experience to your end customer to ensure your customer’s recent experience is an excellent one every time, leading to repeat business for you. Please reach out to us for your 3PL needs and let us help you win more business from your customers.

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