Dropped Trailer Services

Choosing WSI for dropped trailer services means greater convenience when loading or unloading trailers. We can handle every aspect of this process, so you can derive the most benefit from it.

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Drop trailer shipping is when carriers unhitch a trailer at a shipping or receiving facility to be loaded or unloaded at another time. Although this can be more convenient for the company shipping or receiving the goods, it requires a significant amount of coordination to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Choosing WSI to oversee drop trailer logistics as part of our larger 3PL capabilities means our clients do not need to worry about coordinating these shipments. We make it possible for them to enjoy advantages such as:

  • Greater flexibility: Carriers may not need to keep drivers waiting for their cargo to be loaded or unloaded, meaning they can have more leeway in scheduling.
  • Less congestion: With fewer trucks waiting in line at the dock, facilities can become safer and more efficient.
  • Reduced costs: The efficiencies created by this shipping method can help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, detention fees, or other expenditures caused by trucks waiting on-site.
  • Peace of mind: Companies that take advantage of our drop trailer service can rest easier knowing that our experts are managing all facets of this process.

Why Choose WSI?

As one of the world’s largest, privately held third-party logistics providers, few competitors have as much to offer as WSI. Our in-house experts know what it takes to bring high levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness to our customers’ supply chain operations. We can give you the confidence and support you need to serve your client base in the most effective manner possible.

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