Ocean Freight Forwarding

Directing shipments across the sea is a crucial component of any international distribution strategy. WSI has the knowledge and skill to provide you with complete ocean freight services as part of our comprehensive 3PL capabilities.

Choosing us to be your third-party logistics partner for sea freight shipping means you can take advantage of numerous benefits for one’s company. The many ways in which our ocean freight logistics can help your enterprise include:

  • Global expansion: Our sea freight logistics can bring your company into the worldwide marketplace in a big way.
  • Regulatory compliance: Untangling all the various customs and regulations that come with shipping internationally can be challenging. That’s why we stand by your side with all of the necessary experience.
  • Key partnerships: As one of the leading ocean freight companies, we have formed strategic alliances with partners around the world that we can leverage for your cargo.
  • Pre-clearance: No matter if you’re importing or exporting, we can clear a path for your shipments so they reach their destinations as soon as possible.
  • Complete integration: This doesn’t have to be a standalone service. We can incorporate it into our complete dock-to-door capabilities so we can handle every leg of the journey for you.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Some cargo just isn’t cut out for air travel. For goods that are too heavy to be flown affordably, our ability to transport them by sea can be the best choice for your bottom line.

Why Choose WSI?

Choosing us to be your third-party logistics partner means we take a tremendous burden off your shoulders. We’re one of the largest providers in the United States, which means we are more than capable of handling one’s supply chain so you can focus on doing what you do best. To learn more about how we can leverage our abilities for your enterprise, get in touch with us today.

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