Fulfillment Case Study: ENERGY MUSE


Energy Muse



Energy Muse, the super-hip eCommerce crystal shop, was founded by friends Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro out of Heather’s Manhattan Beach home. They went from selling necklaces out of the trunk of their cars to consulting with celebrities and shipping thousands of online orders across the country each month. They had been considering switching to a fulfillment center for a while: “[we] felt overwhelmed by the process”, says Timmi. They knew it was time to scale their process and that they needed a fulfillment partner who could meet their specific needs.

For those that aren’t familiar with crystals, there are a wide number of activities where they can be used as a spiritual tool. Crystals can be held during meditation, placed around your home to keep your space clean of negative energy, or kept in your pocket for all-day support. Each type of crystal has a unique purpose and energy which can be used to set a personal goal or intention.

Crystal users must often cleanse and charge their crystals to keep them performing optimally. This is often done by putting them in running water, exposing them to sunlight/moonlight, or playing music that covers the stones with vibrations. Because of this, Energy Musecouldn’t partner with just any fulfillment center. They were looking for a team that could handle their orders with care, kit their subscription boxes and play music in the warehouse overnight.

Choosing WSI for Fulfillment

Finding the right fulfillment partner can feel intimidating, so Energy Muse’s team used Izba, a consulting agency, to help them narrow their choices. After a thorough analysis, Energy Muse interviewed the finalists and confidently chose WSI.

Jennifer Polce, a consultant at Izba, explains why WSI stood out among its competitors when Energy Muse was looking for a solution to their scaling problem: “[WSI is] an especially good fit for clients who are moving from self-fulfillment and can be partners through the transition to outsourced fulfillment. WSI has locations around the country to optimize for proximity to customers and grow your footprint to multiple locations if needed. Their tech team is in-house and they had a fast and responsive sales process which made them easy to work with.”

As a result of our reputation for fast and quality service, Izba chose WSI as a potential partner for Energy Muse. Known for our flexibility, transparency, and ability to go above and beyond, we strive to embody a common phrase in our business: “Reliability is Everything”.  With empathetic and experienced onboarding teams, we consult with our clients to ensure their products will arrive in perfect condition, on time, wherever they need to go.

The WSI Difference

We pride ourselves on being the best fit for clients who are moving beyond self-fulfillment to allow them to scale without any setbacks. Our strategically located fulfillment centers allow us to ship quickly to customers from coast to coast.  Looking to upgrade your fulfillment game? Come talk to us.