Comprehensive Supply Chain Analysis Reveals Efficiency Gaps

When a customer asked WSI to perform an objective analysis of their warehouse facility, WSI conducted a comprehensive study of both the facility and its role in their overall distribution system. “We were the only company that gave them a true look at their entire situation,” observed Randy Pichette, WSI Transportation Manager.

The customer was looking to strike a balance between reducing costs and improving or maintaining customer service. And because they were importing products from overseas, a number of different factors came into play. WSI examined every aspect of the customer’s distribution system ocean freight, port of entry, drayage to the warehouse, distribution center location, real estate availability/costs, labor, transportation and more together with a large volume of historical customer data. Applying proprietary modeling tools, WSI developed a matrix with a comprehensive view of the customer’s alternatives.

One key question was whether to retain or relocate the customer’s distribution center site. The in-depth analysis looked at 13 different geographic locations, of which only five were currently served by WSI. “They were impressed by our objectivity,” added Pichette. “We start with a clean sheet. We don’t assume that any one solution is the right one; we systematically look for the sweet spot.” As it turned out, the customer’s current geographic location was the optimal one for their needs; however, their existing facility and staffing levels were not. WSI recommendations included moving to a new facility and streamlining personnel.

From consultation to execution, WSI has the resources and expertise to help customers optimize their entire supply chain. We can analyze every aspect of your distribution network to identify multiple solutions for reducing costs and improving service levels then work with you to tailor the right solution to your specific needs. To learn more, give us a call at 920.831.3700 or  email us.


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