Better Inventory Management Saves Dollars

At a time when print media face stiff competition from their digital counterparts, there’s simply no room for inefficiency. So when a large West Coast publisher chose WSI to take over their paper warehousing from a long-term provider, they were looking for process improvements.

The previous provider stored the publisher’s newsprint rolls by the truckload, with the trucks positioned back-to-back. Explains WSI Facility Manager Maria Madrigal, “With their system and inventory procedures, there was no way to inventory accurately. They essentially guessed what was on each truck based on what had come in versus what had shipped.” That guesswork resulted in inaccurate reporting that required extra effort to reconcile reports, and year-end discrepancies, which were written off as a loss.

In contrast, WSI’s warehouse management utilizes a clearly defined process combining the advantages of a technology-driven Warehouse Management System, plus the ability to perform a physical inventory. Explains Madrigal, “With the barcoding we use, the system knows every roll in there. Plus, we warehouse the rolls with walk aisles, so we have physical access to the inventory. We were able to drastically improve their accuracy, virtually eliminating losses from shrikage.”

Another area in which WSI was able to save the customer significant amounts of money was in damage claims. As the paper’s operations manager admits, “The previous company didn’t look as closely for damage.” In contrast, WSI inspects every roll at time of impound. According to Madrigal, “We recognized a lot of wet rolls, which had the potential to cause problems when the press is running. Then we file claims on the customer’s behalf.”

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