12 August, 2021


So, your chemical logistics company is thriving. Congrats! You have a product you’re proud of, customers who count on you and a staff of dedicated employees that share your vision. As demand increases and your aspirations grow, you’re ready to move to the next level. But how?

A smart way to grow your chemical logistics company is to scale your supply chain operations with processes that maximize efficiency, minimize cost and increase customers’ trust and loyalty to your brand. There’s a careful balance to growing a company quickly to meet demand, while not growing so fast that you are cutting corners and sacrificing safety and quality. Working with a respected, knowledgeable and reliable 3PL is a great way to scale your chemical logistics operations without risking your reputation in the process.

The global chemical market tends to post steady growth overall.  Because of this, the chemical industry requires 3PL partners that can handle consistent growth in storage, distribution, and transportation needs.



96% of customers said they don’t complain about bad service, instead, they just leave. In order to get the best customers (and keep them) it’s imperative that you provide a top-notch product and high quality customer service. By combining your internal customer service team with that of a solid 3PL partner, you can ensure that your customers’ needs are met throughout all stages of the supply chain.

At WSI, for example, we have dedicated customer service teams assigned to each of our partner’s accounts. These teams are group based on their experience, area of expertise and geographic location as needed. This allows them to confidently meet the needs of customers with unique requirements and highly regulated products, such as chemicals. They are also trained in all important aspects of their assigned customers’ operations, from inbound and outbound processes, to transportation contracts and invoicing requests. Our customer service team takes care of providing accessible and prompt service to our partners, which in turn allows them to do the same for their customers.


These days, customers want to see the status of their order from end to end in real-time. According to a recent survey, “83% of U.S. online shoppers expect regular communication about their purchases.” And this doesn’t only apply to ecommerce and retail businesses. A many companies (and their supply chains!) accommodate to the raised expectations of the average consumer, other industries have followed suit. Enhancing this visibility into your inventory and distribution reflects well on your brand and helps build trust.

Another thing to consider: visibility doesn’t stop with your customers! Internal visibility is also key to scaling your business. With the right technology, you can start tracking real-time data that highlights areas that need improvement, as well as empowers your team to respond to customer needs faster and more accurately. All these factors help to ensure your company’s ability to grow and scale while building brand loyalty.


As your company continues to grow, you have to keep your finger on the pulse of the business. If you are spending hours and hours a week on managing you’re the logistics of your supply chain, you may be sacrificing time on other vital tasks.

Just as you are an expert in your company and its products, 3PLs are experts supply chain. A 3PL, like WSI, maintains a large network of warehouses and distribution centers as well as relationships with transportation carriers. Leaving the logistics businesses to a 3PL partner allows you to focus on your business vision, while they maintain processes and procedures. In the end, you end up with more time, less headaches and a satisfied customer.


To scale your chemical logistics business and manage the complexities of a complex supply chain, you need a partner who enables you to provide an excellent customer experience, while focusing on innovation and efficiency.

Here at WSI, we’re your go-to source for chemical logistics and more, but it’s not just our services that earn us that status. We’re proud of the fact that we combine small-town values with a global logistics reach. We have an expansive distribution network, but we always remain accessible to answer your chemical logistics questions. To learn more about everything we can do for you, contact us today.

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