18 May, 2021


As a leader in the 3PL space for over 50 years, we understand the importance of chemical logistics safety
and care when it comes to handling hazardous materials. We know that all industries strive to take care of their materials
and products, but for chemical companies, the need is magnified. Choosing a chemical logistics
company to partner with requires a working knowledge of protocols and laws to ensure compliance.

With the wrong 3PL, regulations and safety could take a major hit.Dangerous materials can lead to significant threats to public health and safety if not handled correctly.This is why choosing WSI for your chemical transport and storage solutions is the best choice. Our
experience and knowledge base enable us to stay in sync with the ever-changing requirements —providing comprehensive 3PL for chemicals.


Safety first is the backbone of our day-to-day operations. WSI’s holistic approach includes an
unwavering focus on keeping our employees safe and a 24/7-commitment to the highest safety
standards for chemical logistics as proven by our full range of certifications.

We understand the hazardous nature of chemical products and have implemented stringent chemical
logistics safety policies and practices in every step of our chemical handling operations. Our workforce
undergoes regular training in hazardous material and chemical handling, helping us to mitigate the risk
of accidents and reinforce our core value of operational safety. Our employees must undergo the
following training:

  • USDOT hazmat
  • OSHA hazmat
  • EPA
  • IMDG
  • IATA

We also believe in the spirit of continuous improvement, conducting scheduled and unscheduled spill
drills in our chemical facilities to ensure that our procedures and processes remain effective and up-to-


Our extensive record of safely and efficiently handling, storing, and distributing chemicals and other
hazardous materials — through our division of Material Logistics & Services — is the result of our
dedication to the task. As an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Partner, we have committed
to the Guiding Principles as well as transparent reporting and facility audits.

ACC members go above and beyond the requirements spelled out in the more than a dozen federal
laws regulating the safe use of chemicals. They are committed to open and transparent reporting and
undergo mandatory headquarters and facility audits to certify their performance. In the name of full
disclosure, the results are made publicly available on the ACC website.When you work with a 3PL for chemical logistics with that level of commitment, you also reap the
benefits of the performance record of ACC companies.

Some notable results include:

  • 5 times better employee safety record than the U.S. manufacturing sector, and almost
  • Reduced safety incidents occurrences by 6 percent since 2010
  • 3 times better than the business of chemistry overall
  • 22% reduction in process safety incidents since 2010
  • 66% drop in recordable injury and illness incidents
  • $24 billion worth of investments in facility security

WSI also participates in the Together for Sustainability Initiative, a joint initiative and global network of
30 chemical companies, delivering the de facto global standard for environmental, social and
governance performance of chemical supply chains. The TfS program is based on the UN
Compact and Responsible Care principles.


Raw chemicals pose a greater risk to the environment than most other product types. That makes it
essential for chemical companies to work only with logistics providers who respect the hazardous nature
of chemical materials. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is one of our core values at WSI.
Our environmental programs include:

  • ACC Responsible Care partnership
  • Electric-powered equipment over gas-powered whenever possible
  • Natural landscaping and optimized green space at all facilities to minimize storm runoff
  • Recycling programs at all facilities, resulting in thousands of tons of recycled materials annually
  • Ongoing upgrades to energy-efficient lighting within our facilities
  • EPA SmartWay® Transport Partner certification
  • International Operation Clean Sweep® partner to prevent resin waste from entering marine environments
  • Optimized facility equipment routing to save energy
  • Remote work/telecommuting wherever possible to reduce carbon emission caused by commuting
  • Adherence to Lean principles to conserve resources and limit waste


Greenhouse gases trap heat and make the planet warmer. Unfortunately, human activity is responsible
for a major increase in greenhouse gases over the past 150 years, with electricity, heat, and
transportation being the biggest contributors. In fact, 28.2% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 came
from transportation.

As a leader in supply chain and logistics transportation, we understand the impact carbon emissions have
on the environment. We have extensive experience and strategic operations that allow us to focus on
sustainability initiatives, like sustainable transportation. We execute eco-friendly strategies, eliminating unnecessary stops, optimizing routes, and allocating inventory to create the most efficient and low emissions practices. We’re committed to working with green carriers that share our beliefs in the environment and sustainable transportation solutions. Working together, we can cut costs and
continue to reduce our carbon footprint.


At WSI, we offer an extensive lineup of capabilities, extending beyond shipping and warehousing. For example,
we can provide custom chemical packaging in all sizes and shapes and perform
blending and dilution, whether it’s at our facility or yours. We’re your go-to source for chemical warehousing and more, but it’s not just our services that earn us that status. We’re proud of the fact that we combine small-town values with a global logistics reach. We
have an expansive distribution network, but we always remain accessible to answer your chemical
logistics safety questions. To learn more about everything we can do for you, contact us today.

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