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Sam Atkinson

Sam is currently one of WSI’s Chemical Compliance Trainers that hold onsite and virtual training across our nationwide network. Sam is as genuine as it gets and his effort to deliver high-quality work for the organization is greatly appreciated. To learn more about Sam and his time with WSI scroll below!

What is your current role and responsibilities with WSI? 
Currently, I’m one of WSI’s Chemical Compliance Trainer that holds onsite and virtual training across our nationwide network.

How long have you been with WSI? I have been with WSI for four years.

What sets WSI apart from the other employers?
I have been given the opportunity to showcase my skills and experience to be able to help create positive change within the organization. After interviewing with WSI leadership, I found that this would be a great fit for me to be able to excel and to learn a different part of logistics by being in the 3PL world. I have had a lot of support here from Sales to HR to Management and even the great employees at all of our facilities. I started out as a supervisor and was given the chance to be a Facility Manager in Dallas. It was my dream job that I have always wanted. Last year I was approached about helping in the training side of the business and haven’t looked back. It’s amazing the opportunity I have had to meet other people at other facilities and I have to say we have some amazing people across our network of warehouses.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?
I think we all get into the mode of we don’t have any time. I have to fight that as well by being diligent on putting stuff on my calendar to do. So when it pops up on my computer to do I knock it out.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why?
Wow, I think for this climate that we are in I would choose the ability to heal people. We are all surrounded by someone that is in need of some type of healing. It would be a way of giving back and helping others. It’s when we take our eyes of ourselves we can no longer see the problems that weigh us down. May the Lord Bless and Keep WSI and all of its employees safe during this pandemic.

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