These aren’t your father’s headlights. New, high-tech polymers make today’s automotive lights stronger and lighter than glass. Enhanced optical qualities transmit light more effectively for improved visibility and safer driving.

At several of our facilities coast-to-coast, WSI manages chemical logistics for a polymer manufacturer who supplies the automotive industry (among others). One product in particular requires highly specialized handling and safety measures.

  • Established new protocols and temperature-controlled facilities for highly reactive liquid chemical 
  • Assumed operations for an underutilized client distribution center and moved the operations from a second location into a WSI facility, reducing client’s fixed costs
  • Handle bulk transfers from rail cars directly to trucks or into drums for domestic and international distribution
  • At our Portland location, provide just-in-time deliveries to local manufacturers

This growing relationship was the result of a business spinoff and referral from a client. While WSI had never handled this particular product before, the client was confident that we could manage it better than their current provider. Seven years later, WSI has doubled the number of locations where we handle the client’s products.

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