Kim Wolf - Nov 2018

While working at Frankoma Pottery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kim’s brother – a former WSI employee – talked her into applying for an open position at WSI’s contract distribution facility in Jenks, Oklahoma.

She has since run the gamut in terms of responsibilities for the company, from palletizer operator, to material services, to other general warehouse work, filling various roles as needed by the operation with skill and distinction.

She currently works on Line 8, N-Team, supporting warehousing and distribution operations for WSI’s multinational consumer goods client, Kimberly Clark. Wolf enjoys the versatility involved with her work. She also likes working with her teammates, who make her job fun and challenging every day.

She particularly likes WSI’s dedication to providing work/life balance for its employees. She is able to make a good living while still having plenty of time for activities outside of the warehouse.

“I like that I have plenty of days off, and I like the job I’m doing now. I have a good team,” she says.

When asked about the long term, she couldn’t see herself working anywhere else.  “I want to be the best employee possible, and I hope to retire from WSI,” she says.

In her off time, Kim enjoys reading, growing flowers and vegetables in her garden, and raising chickens. She also looks forward to spending time with her family.

She has been married for nearly 35 years, and her family has only grown. She has one son and one stepdaughter, and her family has continued to grow over the years. 

“My son has a beautiful daughter – Reagan Grace – that will be four years old in February. My stepdaughter has two children: a daughter, Monika, and a son, Colton. Monika has three little ones that are little cuties. My son spent four years on the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier in the Navy.”

Kim Wolf has inspired us with her willingness to take on a series of new and changing responsibilities during her time with the company; her loyalty to WSI; and her active life, complete with hobbies and loving family. Thank you for your continued dedication to WSI, Kim. We’re lucky to have you.

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